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At Emerald Life, we're committed to becoming a valued part of the community. And our partnerships with forward-thinking organisations that promote equality are a crucial part of this.

There are several organisations that we're proud to call our partners –  Positive EastStonewall, the Albert Kennedy Trust, the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against WomenDiversity Role Models, WOFFF and the London Falcons. As well as offering each of these organisations financial support, we have a partnership with each that extends well beyond that. For example, we run a paid intern programme with the Albert Kennedy Trust – enabling young, homeless LGBT adults to gain experience and confidence by working in our office. Further, with Stonewall, we're currently exploring the roll-out of a diversity and inclusion training programme for commercial organisations.

You'll find out a little more about each of our partners below.

Stonewall – campaigners for LGBT equality

Britain's leading charity for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans equality, Stonewall’s ultimate aim is to create a world in which everyone is accepted – without exception. It's no surprise that Emerald is very proud to have a close working relationship with Stonewall. Our founder, Steve Wardlaw, is a Stonewall Ambassador and was also, with his husband Ian, was one of the spokespeople for Stonewall’s campaign for civil partnerships. The organisation has already played an important role in supporting the inception of Emerald Life – and its vision.

Stonewall’s work will not stop until all people, everywhere, are free to be themselves without fear of persecution. Find our more about them here and support them on Twitter here.

Positive East

Positive East is London's largest HIV charity, offering a range of support and services in East London. Emerald always field a large team in the charity's Red Run in November, which is the largest HIV fundraising event in the UK, timed to coincide with the remembrance of World AIDS Day. Also, Emerald Life holds focus groups at the Positive East centre in Stepney Green so that we can better shape our policies and service to our customers who are living with HIV.

Find out more about Positive East here and keep up with them on Twitter here.

The Albert Kennedy Trust – supporting young LGBT people

Established in 1989, the Albert Kennedy Trust exists to support young, homeless members of the LGBT community. The organization’s mission is to ensure that all lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans young people are able to live in accepting, supportive and caring homes. AKT does this by providing a range of services to meet the individual needs of those who would otherwise find themselves homeless or in a hostile environment.

Emerald's partnership with the Albert Kennedy Trust includes our paid intern programme. This lets LGBT young people experience working in an office environment free from prejudice and gain the skills and confidence they need to succeed in their careers. Get in touch to learn more about it.

Find out more about the Albert Kennedy Trust here and keep up with them on Twitter here.

UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women

The Fund awards grants to initiatives that demonstrate that violence against women and girls can be systematically addressed, reduced and, with persistence, eliminated.

Since its creation in 1996, the UN Trust Fund has awarded USD 129 million to 463 initiatives in 139 countries and territories. Its current portfolio comprises 106 grants totalling USD 54 million in 77 countries and territories.

The Fund works with non-governmental organisations, governments and UN country teams to:

  • prevent violence against women and girls by empowering groups especially at risk of violence, including adolescent girls and indigenous or ethnic minority women, and engaging strategically with boys and men as well as traditional and faith-based leaders to prevent violence;
  • improve access to services, such as legal assistance, psychosocial counselling and health care, by increasing the capacity of service providers to respond effectively to the needs of women and girls affected by violence; and
  • strengthen implementation of laws, policies and action plans on violence against women and girls through data collection and analysis, and by ensuring that institutions are more effective, transparent and accountable in addressing violence against women.

Emerald Life was proud to partner with the Fund for their first UK fundraising event in November 2017. You can read an interview with the Trust's chief here.

Learn more about the Fund here, and follow them on Twitter here.

Diversity Role Models – against LGBT bullying in school 

Diversity Role Models actively seeks to prevent homophobic, bi-phobic and transphobic bullying in UK schools. By educating young people about these issues from an early age, Diversity Role Models challenges negative stereotypes and stops the misuse of language by young members of society.

Their workshops feature positive role models – either LGBT or straight – speaking directly to young people about their experiences. So far, their work has taken them to over 170 schools and reached over 38,000 young people. Young people are given greater understanding of the impact of discrimination, and are empowered to bring about change themselves to end homophobic and gender-based bullying. In evaluations at the end of workshops, resounding 97% of students say they have learnt about the issues which LGBT people face, and 72% say they would challenge people's homophobic, biphobic or transphobic behaviour.

Learn more about Diversity Role Models programme support here, and follow them on Twitter here

WOFFF - Women Over Fifty Film Festival

The Women Over 50 Film Festival celebrates the work of older women on both sides of the camera. WOFFF looks to them to drive stories – as film-makers and performers – and they invite you to become part of Women Over 50 Film Festival family.
WOFFF's most recent festival was 14 – 17  September 2017 in Brighton. The festival launchedon Thursday 14 September, followed by two days of films, Q&As, talks and workshops at the University of Brighton. For future festival details click here.

London Falcons Football Club

The Falcons were formed in 2006 and have spent 10 years competing locally, nationally and internationally in football leagues and tournaments. As a gay-friendly football club their message is simple - whether you are gay, straight or bisexual, you can get on the pitch and enjoy playing football without fear of discrimination. Last year the team won the London Unity League and are looking for success at the Eurogames in Paris next year.

You can find out more about them here.

Terence Higgins Trust