Price Comparison - Our View

Why isn't Emerald Life on price comparison aggregator websites?

On the face of it, price-comparison websites seem to offer customers the best of both worlds. They showcase products from a wide range of insurance companies and make it clear how much each policy costs, in plain English.

However, because of the industry's desire to offer competitive insurance prices, these comparison websites can often result in consumers buying on price rather than getting the cover they need. Thus, they might be getting a worse deal than if they went direct.

There are a few other reasons why you won't find our insurance on price-comparison websites.

So We Can Offer You The Best Possible Price

Our main goal – along with offering insurance that's committed to equality for all our customers – is to provide the best possible prices for the cover that they need. Because price comparison aggregator websites charge large commission fees, avoiding them means we can keep our policies as competitively-priced as possible.

So We Can Give You Full, Comprehensive Cover

Competitive insurance pricing isn't the only thing that affects companies using price-aggregation websites.

To make their policies rank highly in price-comparison lists, many firms offer radically stripped-down versions of their insurance. Sometimes, this can even lead to important cover being taken out of policies, leaving you at risk. We think it's important that you understand exactly what your policy is covering – and in like-for-like comparisons, you'll find that our products are very competitively priced.

Because There's More To Us Than Meets The Eye

At Emerald, we're about more than just insurance. Being involved in and integral to the communities that we serve – and working alongside leading LGBT causes, women's charities, and other grassroots equality partners – is a big part of what we do. Price comparison websites don't offer us the chance to convey why we're different or talk specifically to customers we serve who often feel unrepresented in the insurance sector - another reason we don’t use them.

In summary, Emerald Life is the only place you can purchase our insurance.