Giving your dog lots of playtime and attention is crucial to their health and happiness. However, you can go one step further as an owner and caretaker by paying attention to how your pet sleeps. Just like humans, animals have a variety of sleeping positions. Each position conveys how they feel and what you can do to help.

What is Wedding Insurance and Do You Need it?

By Cassandra Mackie

The average wedding in the United Kingdom now costs £17,674 (as of early 2019). On top of this statistic, individuals in the country are posting record levels of personal debt, including student loan and credit card debt.

The Hidden Costs Of Travelling With Pets

By Cassandra Mackie

Currently, the total veterinary bill for preparing your animal for travel to Ireland or any EU nation from the UK, could be over £300. After Brexit that cost is going to increase significantly. Some 45% of the population are pet owners, yet surprisingly only 8% of them have pet insurance.

Smart Home Insurance - What's Different?

By Emerald Life

Smart technology is very quickly changing how we live. By utilising technology like voice recognition, connected devices, and AI personal assistants, homes are turning into the smart households once only found in science fiction.

Is Your Home Insurer Ripping You Off?

By Emerald Life

Citizens Advice recently published an important report on home insurance pricing. In short, major insurers are taking existing customers for a ride by charging them significantly more than new customers, with renewing customers in their sixth year paying DOUBLE what a new customer pays.

Pension Contributions Are Important – especially for women. Some of us may be happy to have the 2018 tax year behind us and the barrage of various investing and savings strategies peppering the tube and TV. The new 2019 tax year brings an opportunity to continue improve one’s financial viability through pension savings, even though retirement may seem far away.

How to Find a Lost Dog

By Emerald Life

Sara and Greg’s dog Daisy went missing from their shop, Dvine Cellars, in Clapham, South London. After searching the local area thinking she had just walked off, it was only on checking the shop’s CCTV that they saw that Daisy was dognapped.

Wedding Cake Insurance? Sweet!

By Emerald Life

All our wedding insurance policies include cover for your wedding cake. While the average cost of wedding cakes in the UK is under £300 - far below other staples like the wedding dress and venue - that is still a price to be protected.

Large numbers of British travellers are not taking out travel insurance because of high prices and unclear coverage. Research by Medical Travel Compared surveyed 1,000 British citizens with pre-existing medical conditions and found 32% found it difficult to get travel insurance. A similar 34% said the cover was prohibitively expensive after including medical conditions.

Flat-Faced Dogs Cause Spike In Airway Surgery

By Emerald Life

French Bulldogs, pugs and other flat-faced dogs have shot to become the UK's most popular dogs in recent years. However, those cute faces come at a startling cost as years of selective breeding means these dogs are now at high risk of serious breathing problems.

Over Half Of Pet Owners Have No Pet Insurance

By Emerald Life

More than half of UK pet owners do not have pet insurance for their animal, according to a new survey by Some 47% of dog owners are not covered by insurance and 62% of cat owners. However, nearly half the respondents said they would struggle to afford vet bills from their own savings.

Are You Looking After Your Gnomes?

By Emerald Life

Research by Centrica Hive - the smart home section of the utilities giant - has revealed that four in ten homeowners have had items stolen from their gardens, with gnomes, bikes and plant pots topping the list of stolen items.

Is Your Pet Overweight?

By Emerald Life

Spoiling your pet is easily done. Treating your companion to plentiful food and letting them off exercise is a habit of many pet owners.

Companies in the FTSE 100 have made strong strides towards gender equality at board -level with Next, Rightmove, stockbroker Hargreaves Lansdown and construction provider Taylor Wimpey having more than half of their board seats taken by women.

What Do You Know About Tax?

By Emerald Life

You may think you know only too much about tax. However, a new survey by consumer advice brand Which? Has found great gaps in the UK’s knowledge on tax, including how much can be earned tax-free.

Majority Of Homeowners Overpaying Mortgages

By Emerald Life

Mortgages inspire a range of opinion, rather like insurance. Mortgages form a great aspiration for some as careers and savings are given material form in a place to call your own. To others, a mortgage seems like a decades-long weight of huge sums of money costing interest every year.

New Years Resolution: Adopt A Dog?

By Emerald Life

This New Year, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home are encouraging those who can to adopt a dog, in a bid to improve their own lifestyle while changing a dog’s life at the same time.

Romantic Spa Destinations For Valentine’s Day

By Emerald Life

A weekend spa break is the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t matter too much where you go but just setting aside time to be with your partner without distractions can be a wonderful gesture. Plus, this is a gift you can enjoy yourself or even split the cost with your partner as a Valentine’s gift to each other!

More Homeowners Are Leaving London

By Emerald Life

It’s a common dinner party debate – is living in London really worth it? Friends will happily debate for hours the cost of living vs salary expectations vs quality of life and more, all while sipping fine wines in Islington and romanticising about another existence in Hull or Margate.

3 Top New Years Resolution Ideas

By Emerald Life

The gym is full and January blues don’t lend themselves to a diet easily. What are the best New Years’ resolutions that are actually achievable, or even pleasurable?

What Makes The Best Home Emergency Cover?

By Emerald Life

Home emergency cover is a tempting add-on on many home insurance policies to give you a better level of protection against everyday occurrences. One of the top features is boiler breakdown cover so you are not left without heating in the winter months. DIY disasters are an unavoidable part of life but any you accidentally commit can also be attended by a trained professional to minimise damage both to your home and your mind.

How To Save Money On Your Home Insurance

By Emerald Life

Saving money on home insurance is a great way to cut your annual bills. Nevertheless while this expense can often seem unnecessary the idea of saving money by avoiding home insurance is a false economy. The Association of British Insurers says nearly half of all burglary victims are uninsured while the average contents premium is only around £130 per year.

Choosing A UK Staycation

By Emerald Life

Cheap holidays in the UK are a favourite for many people who prefer UK breaks to the expense of travelling abroad. There are plenty of places to go in the UK for a great staycation. A weaker pound has made UK holidays all the more appealing while Brexit uncertainty continues to affect the European travel market.

Travelling To Christmas Fairs In 2018?

By Emerald Life

What better way to enjoy Christmas Travel than Christmas fairs and Christmas Markets? Shop for unusual Christmas gifts and enjoy local cultures abroad at the same time while indulging in traditional Christmas treats like mulled wine and mince pies.

Young Travellers Buy More Travel Insurance

By Emerald Life

Younger travellers aged 25-44 have reported the greatest increase in travel insurance purchase for the second year running, according to American insurance company Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection’s recent State of Travel Insurance report.

Top Five Things to Look Out For in Dog Kennels

By EmeraldLife

When it comes to the question of are dog kennels safe, there’s nothing better than hearing it from other people – either the good news or the bad news. It’s more than just looking at the accommodation. How did other people’s dogs seem when they got collected? How did the place look or feel? Did the staff seem pleased to be there?

A recent report published by the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) has highlighted an increasing number of people are choosing to travel alone. The report confirmed that as many as 1 in 6 people decided that solo travel was best suited to them. The top reasons for doing so might surprise you

Complete Guide to Wedding Insurance

By Emerald Life

Are you confused about wedding insurance? So are many people when they consider how to prepare for their wedding day. That’s perfectly understandable given that it’s a fairly new product as far as insurance goes, so we’ve put together a guide to wedding insurance to stop you getting cold feet.

One in Ten have Already Booked Summer Holiday

By EmeraldLife

As the winter air makes your morning just a little bit harder and you sense the Christmas chaos approaching like a beating drum, the last thing you probably wanted to hear was that some highly organised souls have already gone and booked their next summer holiday.

How To Keep Your Dog Calm This Halloween

By EmeraldLife

Now is as important a time as ever to make sure your pet insurance is up to date so that if anything goes wrong your pet is protected. But to minimise the chance of anything happening to your dog Battersea Dogs Home has released information to support dog owners on halloween night.

LGBT+ Discrimination At Work: The Facts

By EmeraldLife

Stonewall has collaborated with pollster YouGov to research how LGBT+ employees feel treated in the workplace. The findings paint a harrowing portrait of just how little recent moves towards widening diversity and inclusion have actually gone.

New regulations now mean any dog breeder producing three or more puppy litters a year must apply for a licence through their local council and prove they meet basic standards of animal welfare. The laws also mean puppies and kittens under eight weeks of age cannot be sold to shops and dealers.

What is a puppy mill and why are they dangerous?

By Emerald Life

Thinking of getting a puppy this autumn/winter? And you have the space and time to deal with a little bundle of fun? That’s great news. Here at Emerald Life, one of the reasons we offer pet insurance is that we love pets (Our office dogs Calvin and Jasper would definitely agree!).

Can You Afford Not To Have Home Insurance?

By Emerald Life

The average UK home holds £35,000 worth of contents and yet 28% of those do not have home insurance. According to figures released by the Association of British Insurers the average cost of home contents insurance is just £141 a year, working out at less than £3 a week. The overall cost is actually falling so combined home and contents insurance may be cheaper than in previous years.

How Much Do Weddings Really Cost Today?

By Emerald Life

Weddings are a special occasion worth spending on. After all, we always hope ours will be a once in a lifetime opportunity filled with love, friendship and devotion. But just what does the average wedding day spend look like today?

Ten Worrying Financial Trends Women Face Today

By Stewart Vickers

Women arguably have more freedom today than ever – but unfortunately the male-dominated financial world is struggling to keep up. Many of these women's financial issues are symptomatic of a system that is failing to adapt towards equality.

Home Insurance Comparison Sites Are Failing Consumers

By Stewart Vickers

What home insurance should I get? For most consumers with a vast array of needs this is a difficult question. Many quite naturally fall back on the quickest and cheapest options, both of which are easily found through searching for home insurance on comparison sites.

All Things Being Equal?...

By Heidi McCormack

There has been progression, but seemingly we have not yet reached the goal of equality after three generations. We often hear people asking whether the ‘battle is won’ now or is there much else to do now that legislation is in place? The usual response is exactly to point out that women are still bringing equal pay cases 50 years after the legislation was passed.

Just a few days ago, Bermuda became the first country in the world to repeal its marriage equality law. The government justified the move as a balancing act between meeting European court rulings and the wishes of Bermuda’s socially-conservative population. Instead of marriage, same-sex couples will have the sole option of a domestic partnership.

How pet insurance can save you £1m

By Emerald Life

Pet insurance should cover you for more than just veterinary expenses... as responsible dog owners one should have a pet policy that includes a suitable level of third party liability cover for you and your dog.


By Emerald Life

Emerald release a limited edition advert to commemorate the victims of the Orlando shooting, and to acknowledge Pride in London 2016. #LoveWins

Orlando - Our Tragedy

By Steve Wardlaw, Chairman, Emerald Life

Emerald Chairman, Steve Wardlaw, blogs personally about the tragic events at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

Where are all the women?

By Sarah Garrett, Founder, British LGBT Awards

In response to the shocking news that just 8% of nominees for this year's British LGBT Awards were for women, the founder of the awards blogs exclusively for Emerald Life.

Guest blog: Diversity Role Models

By Diversity Role Models

Looking at the new and exciting partnership between Emerald Life and Diversity Role Models and how the relationship will tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in schools.

Guest Blog: Our Rainbow Family

By Katie Bennet-Hall, Planet London

Planet London guests blogs for Emerald Life on the sensitivities and considerations surrounding starting a family when both parents are of the same sex.

Chairman's blog: Pet Shop Boys - a back catalogue of my life

By Steve Wardlaw, Chairman of Emerald Life

In his first Chairman's Blog, Steve Wardlaw celebrates the release of the 13th Pet Shop Boys' studio album - Super - released this week, and how the 12 albums before it from the seminal partnership of Neil Tennent and Chris Lowe, often labeled gay icons, have followed key events throughout his life.

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