Compare wedding insurance with our helpful wedding insurance comparison table.

At Emerald Life we pride ourselves on offering what we believe to be a great value and comprehensive product. For this reason we provide this wedding insurance comparison to prove transparently how we compare with other wedding insurance brands.

At higher cover levels especially we are among the best value wedding insurance in the market. We also offer a fast and convenient online quote process so you can get a wedding insurance quote in minutes.

Why Compare Wedding Insurance

When you’re organising a wedding there’s a lot to think about. Thankfully comparing wedding insurance is a quick way to make sure you have got the right cover for you at the best price.

You should think clearly about what wedding insurance cover you need. Often cheap wedding insurance offers a low level of cover and a high excess – the contribution you make towards any claims. Don’t forget about optional extras like wedding marquee insurance or ceremonial sword cover.

compare wedding insurance

How To Compare Wedding Insurance

Comparing cover is never simple because different policies have different inclusions and exclusions. For instance, we provide public liability cover as standard while some other brands offer it as an extra. You should also be careful to check the excess on policies. This is the fee you pay towards any claim. A higher excess will often mean a cheaper policy but means the policy actually helps you less if you have to make a claim.

For instance, if you have a £5000 cover level with a £500 excess and your wedding dress is damaged, you would have to pay £500 to claim which may cancel-out the benefit of claiming.

Prices correct as of 6/12/19


Cancellation Cover



John Lewis Finance - Level 6




Emerald Wedding - Platinum




Wedinsure - Tier 9




WeddingPlan - Premier+




Emerald Wedding - Premier+




John Lewis Wedding Insurance

John Lewis Finance is an extension of one of the UK’s best-loved brands. However, as you can see from the comparison table John Lewis wedding insurance is consistently more expensive than Emerald while we aim to provide the same premium level of comprehensive cover.

Debenhams Wedding Insurance

Another British high street staple, it has been sad to see Debenhams fall on hard times. However, they remain a popular finance brand with many in-store perks for customers. Like John Lewis, Debenhams wedding insurance is more expensive than Emerald in every cover level. Their lowest cover level – called Debehams Gold – offers £10,000 of cover which is less than our £12,500 and costs £59.95.

Dreamsaver Wedding Insurance

Dreamsaver was one of the first wedding insurance brands and so has a great reputation having protected more than 20,000 weddings. They are only slightly cheaper than Debenhams at £60 for £15,000 of cover, although they do offer a lower cover level of just £27 for £6000 of cover.


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