Wedding Insurance FAQs

Wedding Insurance FAQs

Wedding Insurance FAQs

Emerald's wedding insurance is designed to offer all couples total peace of mind for their special day – whether that's a civil partnership, wedding, or a conversion ceremony. Our wedding insurance protects the happy couples and their guests from various eventualities – you'll find the answers to any questions you might have about it here .

Why do I need to insure my wedding?

Weddings can be incredibly expensive events – and you want everything to be perfect. There are lots of factors outside your control that can impact them. So it makes perfect sense to insure your big day. Our wedding policy covers damage to clothing, supplier failure, adverse weather, illness AND if any supplier refuses to provide you a product or service because you are having a same-sex wedding, or for any other reason that is prohibited under the Equalities Act – just about everything we can think of where you might need protection for on your big day.

What am I not covered for in my Wedding Insurance policy?

What am I not covered for under my wedding Insurance policy?

  • Participants deciding not to marry or undertake their Civil Partnership Ceremony and associated celebrations
  • Not taking reasonable care to prevent theft or loss for any potential claim
  • Rearranging travel or accommodation arrangements for a wedding outside the UK
  • Situations relating to participants or anyone else upon whom your wedding depend:

- stress, anxiety or depression

 - acting against medical advice

 - awaiting results of tests or medical investigations

 - being on a hospital waiting list for treatment

 - having received a terminal prognosis

Full details can be found in the Policy Documents or the Key Facts Summary

What is covered in your Wedding Insurance?

Emerald’s wedding insurance covers a whole host of eventualities that might spoil your celebration or force you to incur extra costs. We have put together four packages, designed to give you increasing levels of cover, depending on the scale of your plans.

Full details can be found in the Policy Documents or the Key Facts Summary

What level of cover do I need?

We are unable to give advice as to whether a certain level of cover suits your specific needs. Generally speaking, the larger the wedding and reception, the more you should think about taking out a wedding insurance policy. Emerald has a range of options to suit every occasion. Have a look at what we offer and if you have any questions, please get in touch with one of our team on email or 0330 131 9950

Do my wedding and reception have to happen on the same day?

You can have your reception up to 21 days after the wedding in our standard policies. If you need more time between your ceremony and reception or are having multiple weddings or receptions – no problem. Please give us a call on 0330 131 9950 and we’ll try to put that cover in place for you.

Are all types of weddings, celebrations, blessings, and renewals of vows covered?

The definition of ‘Wedding’ is a ceremony which creates a contract of marriage legally enforceable within the UK or a civil partnership registration or ceremony”. If your celebration is outside of that definition, for example, a blessing as part of a religious ceremony, or a renewal of vows, then please call us. We hope to have a positive response for you within 24 hours.

When should I take out Wedding Insurance?

Within reason, as soon as you choose the date of the special day. If you have already incurred expenses for your wedding, these things will typically be covered from the date you take out your insurance.  

Why would I choose an Emerald Life wedding policy over any other?

We have worked hard to make sure that we have thought of the additional issues that a same sex couple may face. For example, if someone refuses to provide you a product or service because of your sexuality (or for any other protected class under the Equalities Act), with Emerald you would have legal cover to bring a claim. 

How do you define a "reception"?

A reception is social gathering, including room hire and catering, within 21 days of the wedding. And of course, we hope it will be one of your life’s highlights! Our standard cover provides for one reception; if you are planning more than one reception or wedding, please give us a call and we’d be happy to try and arrange for expanded coverage.

I'm planning on hiring a marquee for my reception. Do you offer Marquee Cover?

Yes, Emerald’s wedding insurance offers marquee cover as an optional extra for a hire period of up to 4 days.

Do you cover multiple events for the same wedding celebration?

Our standard wedding insurance packages are designed to cover one wedding and one reception. If you are planning a multi wedding or reception arrangement, perhaps to have another blessing in one of the participant’s home countries or where you first met, then give us a call and we will raise it with the underwriters (usually responding within 24 hours) and try to accommodate you. 

How quickly are claims settled?

That depends on the nature of the claim, but Emerald takes every step to settle all claims as quickly as possible.

What is a "UK Resident"?

To be a resident of the UK you must have been present in the UK for at least 6 months prior to purchasing the policy, and you must be registered with a medical practitioner in the area in which you reside. 

Do you cover weddings abroad?

Yes, Emerald provides worldwide cover for wedding and reception celebrations. It is one of the things that makes Emerald wedding insurance so special. Despite this global coverage, there are four specific sections of this insurance where we are unfortunately unable to provide worldwide cover:

·      Personal Liability does not apply to wedding and receptions taking place in the USA or Canada;

·      Public Liability does not apply to wedding and receptions taking place outside the UK;

·      Our optional extras of marquee cover and ceremonial sword cover only apply in the UK; and

·      Where you believe that you have a claim for discrimination on the grounds of your sexuality, cover is only for weddings or receptions in the UK.

What level of coverage can you provide?

Emerald can provide coverage of up to £100,000 and policies start for as little as £50 – you’ll find a policy to suit your celebration, no matter its size.

Are wedding gifts covered?

Yes they are, although there are limits on the value of each individual gift of either £250 or £750 per gift. Please review the limits for wedding gifts. Reasonable care needs to be taken with all of your gifts so that you are covered against theft or loss. 

What happens if wedding items are stolen?

Losses from theft are covered in Emerald’s wedding insurance, but not if items are left unattended - in an unlocked car, for example. Please take reasonable care that your gifts and valuable are secured or being looked after.

I have to cancel the wedding. What does your cover include?

Emerald has you covered if you are left with unrecoverable expenses for wedding outfits, flowers, photographs, caterers, transport, accommodation and anything else that is booked and then not used. Under an Emerald wedding policy, a valid reason includes the following (but – importantly – subject to the conditions and qualifications as set out in the full policy wording): if your wedding venue cannot hold your wedding or reception because of damage to the venue, outbreaks of disease, closure of the venue by the relevant authority, death or illness of one of the participants or a close relative, or the failure of a minister, registrar, or wedding services supplier to turn up on the day, loss or damage to ceremonial attire, redundancy of one of the participants or any close relative paying for the wedding, adverse weather conditions meaning that most of the wedding party cannot reach the venue, or a military posting overseas of a member of the wedding party.  

Does your policy cover me if the photographer doesn’t turn up, or doesn’t deliver the photos of the wedding and reception(s)?

Yes, Emerald wedding insurance protects you against such eventualities and if over 50% or 75% (depending on your level of cover) of the photographs are not viable, you can reshoot

Does Emerald Wedding Insurance protect me against personal accidents or being attacked?

Yes it does. In the event that you have an accident or are attacked prior to the wedding, you would receive a cash sum depending on the seriousness of the injury, from permanent disability up to death.

I am planning on hiring a chauffeur and the car of my dreams to take us to the wedding. Does your insurance cover transport?

Yes, it does. Should your transport supplier fail to honour their contractual obligations, Emerald will cover you for any extra expenses you incur.

Are wedding rings covered by your policy?

Yes, Emerald’s wedding insurance provides cover for loss or damage to wedding rings, up to a maximum of £15,000 of cover on our top tier of cover. Please refer to our chart showing levels of cover and limits

The member of the wedding party who is paying for the reception has been made redundant and can no longer make the planned financial commitment. Does your insurance protect me from such an eventuality?

We offer redundancy cover where notice is received at least 8 weeks after the policy is taken out and qualifying for payment under the current redundancy legislation. This covers the participants and any of their relatives who would have made proven, significant, financial contributions to the wedding arrangements. In such a case, you would have the option of cancelling the wedding and claiming back irrecoverable expenses under your wedding policy or rearranging the wedding.

Can I cancel my policy?