When thinking about home insurance (NI), there are many cases where the laws, regulations and services offered to the residents of Northern Ireland differ slightly from the UK mainland.

And one of those is insurance – some insurers don’t offer home insurance for properties in Northern Ireland.

However, for Emerald Life, home insurance NI is no problem.

How To Get a Home Insurance NI Quote

Getting a quote for home insurance in Northern Ireland is easy.

Just visit our fast online quote form and fill in your details.

You don’t need a different kind of policy for Northern Ireland and our system will simply provide you with the correct pricing based on your postcode.

As you go through you are able to select the cover that is most appropriate for you, including optional extras like accidental damage cover.

Once you have the quote and you are happy with the price you can simply click through to buy online through our secure payment processor Sagepay. Your policy documents will then be sent to you immediately via email.

If at any time you have any problems or queries don’t hesistate to call our team.

What Does Our Home Insurance NI Cover?

Our home insurance Northern Ireland includes all the benefits of an Emerald policy anywhere else in the UK.

Our home insurance NI includes combined policies for buildings and contents insurance, property owner’s liability cover as well as extras including optional home emergency and free legal cover.

Buildings Cover 

Buildings insurance covers the cost to rebuild your house if it were totally destroyed. It also covers smaller costs like fixtures in the event of damage. Our Core home insurance policy covers up to £500,000 of buildings while higher limits are also available.

We can also cover any sheds, garages or outbuildings if they are within the boundary of your property and are made from standard materials. In that case you can add their rebuild cost to your total sum insured.

Many consumers view buildings insurance is one of the most important aspects of home insurance as it covers the physical value of the property. Your home is probably the biggest financial investment you will ever make and if it were destroyed that would be a huge cost. Buildings insurance aims to cover this value by providing the amount of money required to completely reinstate the building if it were totally destroyed.

This is all based on your total sum insured which should reflect the rebuild value of your property. Note that rebuild value is not the same as market value since you already own the land and the rebuild cost is more about materials and labour than the value of your postcode.

There are various ways of finding your rebuild value for your home insurance policy, but for standard home insurance all we need to know in the majority of cases is if it less than £500,000 or more than £500,000. Most home insurance policies we deal with tend to have rebuild values of around £200,000 – £300,000.

Contents Cover 

Contents insurance covers your possessions within the home. Over time it is easy to accumulate things and forget just how much you have. Take an estimate of your contents in order to work out how to insure your contents for. Our Core package covers up to £50,000 of contents while our Premier levels includes £150,000 of contents cover.

Our contents insurance covers a wide range of things you own including memorabilia, collections and even tools. If you have sheds or outbuildings within the boundary of your property then you should include the value of their contents in your contents insurance estimate as well.

Our contents insurance also comes with an optional accidental damage add-on. That means if you damage an item in a one-off accident then you may be able to claim for it.


If someone is hurt on or by your property and sues you then you are liable. Property owner’s liability cover is there to cover your legal fees should an accident happen.

While rare, there are plenty of opportunities for your home to cause harm to someone. It could be as simple as a loose carpet causing someone to trip or a falling roof tile.

Accidental Damage 

Accidental damage cover is an extra that can help with one-off costs caused by accident. For instance if you break a window or damage a carpet then this may be covered by accidental damage cover.

This can be added to either your contents insurance, your buildings cover or both.

Legal cover 

We provide legal cover free with home insurance that includes breaches of the Equalities Act. That includes unfair dismissal at work and social media defamation.

But our legal cover goes further than that. It also includes a 24/7 legal helpline open 365 days a year.

What does house insurance NI cost?

There are many factors in how insurers calculate the premium for home insurance – NI is treated in the same way. Your postcode is important, as well as the level of cover that you need. Here are some of the other factors taken into account:

Postcode – while Northern Ireland itself is unlikely to vary significantly from the rest of the UK in terms of risk, your actual postcode will reveal more about the risk in your area for crime and floods.

Your age – unfortunately younger people are often deemed as a higher insurance risk as they haven’t made as many mistakes to learn from yet. For instance, there are plenty of hazards due to human error such as cooking or leaving doors unlocked which more experienced people are less likely to create.

Claims history – sadly a recent claim is likely to result in a higher premium.

Add-ons – Make sure you’re only paying for the cover you need. Accidental damage may or may not be right for your situation.

Your excess – choosing a higher excess can reduce the premium you pay. However, it will cost you more if you ever have to make a claim.

In short, there are several factors and it’s best to choose a reputable insurer with strong backing.

The pricing of home insurance policies is fascinating as it is a combination of all sorts of factors like these. However, different insurers have different attitudes to each of them. Postcodes in particular can vary quite drastically. That’s because home insurers use databases called ratings tables which are used to judge risk – but the ratings insurers use can be decades old.

Similarly, if you have a new postcode then that won’t exist in a lot of ratings tables. Because of that you may find a lot of online quote forms can’t give you a quote. If that happens to you, call our helpful staff today as we have systems in place to judge the risk for your postcode and price your home insurance accordingly.

Local area risks are another factor that can affect your premium, or even if some insurers will offer you cover at all. If you are near a river, cliff or quarry or live in an area with a high risk of subsidence or flooding then it is likely your home insurer will have further questions. At Emerald Life this normally takes the form of a questionnaire asking more about the specific risk – whether you have experienced any issues with subsidence or flooding. If you have not had issues then your premium is unlikely to change much.

At Emerald, we don’t treat you differently for any reason, including the territory in which you live. You can get a quote online from our home insurance page or call us on 0330 113 7109 to speak to our experienced underwriting team.

Compare NI House Insurance

When looking to buy Northern Ireland home insurance it is important to shop around because pricing changes regularly. When you look for house insurance Northern Ireland be sure to compare like for like cover.

That means checking product features and exclusions in policy wordings to make sure that you are checking prices for the same kind of cover from different Northern Ireland home insurance providers.

Comparison sites are an obvious choice to compare prices for your buildings and contents insurance quote but there can be large differences in what your insurance covers.

Comparison sites are largely cost-driven and so many Northern Ireland home insurance providers can adapt their cover in order to provide the cheapest insurance quote.

That could mean what seems like a cheap home insurance policy is actually loaded with exclusions or a high excess, so always check the policy wording before you buy.

While using comparison sites can be a quick way to find Northern Ireland home insurance, do also contact some insurers directly. No comparison site covers the full market and plenty of insurers are not listed as they prefer to save their best offers for customers who come direct.