Please take reasonable care to answer all the questions accurately and completely. If you don't, your policy may be cancelled, or treated as if it never existed, or your claim rejected or not fully paid.

Your Cover

Your Cover:

You can buy cover up to 24 months before the event. Cancellation cover starts from the date of purchase and ends on the day of your ceremony or reception which ever is the latter.
Please contact us on 0330 131 9950 if you need more than 21 days between the two events.
  • Yes
  • No
We can only provide Marquee Cover if your ceremony and reception take place in the UK. No excess and £20,000 of cover.
  • Yes
  • No
We can only provide Ceremonial Sword Cover if your ceremony and reception take place in the UK. £250 excess and £20,000 of cover.

Please note we do not offer guests' personal liability, marquee and ceremonial swords cover if your ceremony and/or reception are held outside the UK.

Please note both participants need to be UK residents.
To be a resident of the UK you must have been present in the UK for at least 6 months prior to purchasing the Policy, and You must be registered with a Medical Practitioner in the area which you reside. The UK consists of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.
Key Benefits
  • Worldwide cover from £49
  • Weddings, civil partnerships and conversions including receptions
  • Legal expense cover includes discrimination
  • Outfits, cakes, rings, gifts, cars all covered