Updated August 3, 2020

Does wedding insurance cover Coronavirus? The answer as with many insurance queries is it depends.

If one of the wedding party falls ill with Coronavirus then as with any other illness this may be covered.

Issues with cancellation of flights are not usually covered by wedding insurance as this is considered a travel insurance issue.

If a wedding venue cancels because it is self-isolating as a one-off event – such as a hotel where a guest fell ill – then that may be covered.

However we cannot cover any Government action, law or regulation – such as all hotels being shut down or large groups of people banned from assembling.

Other Advantages of Wedding Insurance

With the average UK wedding now costing more than £25,000 it is no surprise many couples choose to buy wedding insurance to protect their investment in the big day.

Just some of the coverages of wedding insurance include:

  • Wedding attire including the wedding dress. This includes damage or your dressmaker going bankrupt.
  • Cancellation and re-arrangement due to illness
  • Adverse weather preventing the wedding party from attending
  • Your wedding car or photographer failing to turn up