Our Team

Steve Wardlaw


Steve Wardlaw is a respected international business lawyer and prominent gay rights campaigner. Ranked highly across leading LGBT lists of influence, he co-founded Emerald Life to change the insurance industry for the better, bringing with him his passion for equality and his zeal for good business.

“The one thing missing for the LGBT community is the ability to pick up the phone, talk to somebody and feel thought about. Everything we do at Emerald has the community at the forefront of thought. We care about the community because we are a part of the community.”

Steve Wardlaw

Heidi McCormack


Heidi McCormack is a game-changing business leader, recognised for her thought leadership on the international stage and her impressive career as a senior figure in one of the largest companies in the United States. Her continual track record in growing robust business informs her vision for Emerald’s growth, and her passion for providing Emerald customers with the service and insurance protection they deserve.

“With insurance, it’s time to level the playing field. As Emerald grows we will be listening to the community, and working with it to ensure we all have the protection we need.”

Heidi McCormack

James Wharton

Communications Manager

James Wharton is a media professional who joined Emerald after becoming attracted to the company’s ethos and the community based focus it has set out to become known for. Prior to his media career, he was a soldier in the British Army. With a vast experience of working on equalities based projects, most notably being pivotal to changing the cultural attitudes within the military towards homosexuality, James is thrilled to be working at Emerald.

“My main passion in life is equality, closely followed by my love of communicating with and for different audiences. I’m thrilled to combining both these areas at an organisation that’s changing the financial sector for the better, for members of my own community.”  

James Wharton
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