Our Systems

What’s Different About Emerald Life’s Technology Providers?

Our reimagined customer journey for gay and lesbian consumers who are buying insurance starts with the technology and third party providers we use. In a nutshell, this means there’s no legacy systems or legacy thinking and that all of our providers are specially trained in working with customers from various diverse backgrounds.

Technology providers that put the customer and the community first

Every step of our offering has the particular needs and wants of the communities that we serve at its heart. Our purchase, renewal, and claims processes have all been built with new systems and platforms that enable us to be flexible and nimble – and respond to new needs in the community. For example, we were one of the first insurers to allow customers to choose ‘Mx’ as their title when providing their details. We make no assumption as to the family structure of our customers. We also do not ask the gender of our customers.

Working with top technology providers is key to us being able to follow through on the beliefs and values outlined in the Emerald Difference. Our technology providers are some of the most advanced in the sector and we’ve been sure to agree cutting-edge service level agreements with them – including additional systems redundancy, which means our systems are operational at a level of 99%+ of the time.

Regulated, trusted, reliable

Regulation and reputation are also important to us when it comes to third party providers. The FCA and Lloyds of London regulate us and our partners. We also have a number of technology providers who are ISO 29001-certified, and rated PCI Level 1 for data privacy and retention requirements.

Customer journeys designed for the LGBT community, women and non-traditional families

Your customer journey will always be a private and secure process, be it online or with our call-centre team. Our journeys are 100% online-enabled, and you can always speak to a member of our team on the phone – just call 0330 113 7109.

The people on the other end of the line won’t be your average insurance call-centre advisors. Instead, we have a team specially trained to deal sensitively with the needs of all our customers, regardless of sexuality, gender or family structure. The Emerald call-centre team will always be respectful and understanding, and never make assumptions, ask prying questions, or cause awkward situations.

And we’ve made sure our other service providers have the same levels of understanding as our Emerald call-centre staff when speaking to our customers, whoever they may be.

Making your privacy our priority

We recognise that, because we’re an insurance company, we’re trusted with some of your most private and sensitive information. We have a responsibility to protect and secure that data which is something we take incredibly seriously in our IT systems design, our security reviews, and our Emerald Privacy Policy.

The systems we have in place are not only the best on paper, but they’re also regularly audited to make sure they always remain as intruder-proof as possible.

Questions about our systems or your data?

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about our systems, technology providers, or your data, or privacy – just email us on customerservice@emeraldlife.co.uk or call us on 0330 113 7109.