We Listen

It’s Good To Talk

One of our top priorities when launching Emerald Life was to become an essential part of the communities that we serve – the LGBT community, women and non-traditional families, with advocacy for those groups at our heart. We know that to achieve this, we need to have an open and ongoing dialogue with all parts of the community.

And because each of those communities is so diverse, we’ve set up various different focus groups. These will change over time, and we will also work with other groups where our aims overlap. For instance, we have been working with the Association of British Insurers on how definitions of critical illness cover may discriminate against LGBT or BAME customers, with the National AIDS Trust on improving access to financial products for people living with HIV, and with the Chartered Institue of Insurers on how to increase insurance protection for women (the Women At Risk program).

Our specific working groups are:

  • T-Squad – our transgender advisory group, which helps us communicate openly with the transgender community, understand specific needs and to work to create fully-considered insurance products
  • LGBT Families – a forum to discuss the diverse LGBT family needs within the community, and allows us to better tailor products to meet those needs
  • Emerald Connect – a forum for gay men, lesbians, the bisexual community and straight friends to hear from Emerald and our partners, to give their opinion on Emerald, and work with us as we continue to learn and evolve

Why It’s Important For Us To Listen

We’ve been sure to listen to the community and our customers since day one. In fact, our policies and customer journeys were meticulously put together after countless reworkings and conversations with members of the LGBT community and women’s groups. Read more about the testimonies that sparked us into action here.

The result of having our ears open to communities outside the mainstream is a selection of insurance products which we hope respond to real-life experiences faced every day by people trying to deal with the insurance sector.

For us to continually improve these products and services, we promise to always listen to every customer – and every member of our communities, whether or not an Emerald customer.

Be Social – and Let Us Know What You Think

As mentioned above, Emerald Connect is our social forum that lets you keep up with the latest news from Emerald – and have your say on all our developments. It’s also easy to get in touch via our Facebook and Twitter channels, or by commenting on our blog.

You can always contact us by email on customerservice@emeraldlife.co.uk with your input, about any aspect of Emerald Life and the service we provide.