Emerald Life’s Diversity & Inclusion Statement

(Updated Jan 2023)

Emerald is proud to be a committed advocate for greater recognition of LGBT rights, and all other forms of diversity.

But our commitment goes far beyond just promoting legal rights. Celebrating diversity and equality and challenging what Stonewall calls ‘micro-inequities’ is one the main reasons for Emerald’s existence.

As a provider of insurance for all communities in the UK, you can correctly assume that our employees – at every level within the company – are members of the LGBT community or committed allies. And members of our senior management team are recognised advocates of LGBT rights in the UK and overseas. You can read more about our senior management team here. Everyone shares an unwavering and passionate commitment to uphold, promote and celebrate the diversity of society. That means that as well as providing insurance services to the LGBT community and its allies, we also enthusiastically give financial and professional support to LGBT and related cause. We enjoy getting stuck in, and helping our community.

In the highly unlikely scenario that a member of our staff faces discrimination in the workplace for any reason, we have in place robust procedures to investigate and where necessary, take action against an employee who is found to be in breach of our diversity and inclusion policies.

We expect visible commitment from our partners.

There are many partners that we work with at Emerald Life, be they underwriters, claims handlers, our call centre and so on. They must have or will have a strong diversity policy in place. Some partners have augmented their diversity policies through training with us, and we keep in regular contact to make sure training is up-to-date.

Engaging with the LGBT community

As a company, we are constantly seeking to further our understanding of the issues facing the LGBT community. That’s why we have set up feedback groups on issues affecting the trans community and LGBT families, as well as channels for all customers and interested parties to give us feedback on whether we are doing well and where we can improve. We commit to listen to that feedback and respond to it. You can find out more about the forums here.

Zero tolerance to intolerance

Emerald’s diversity and inclusion policy covers:

  • Gender (explicitly including transgender identity)
  • Race or ethnicity
  • Sexual identity or orientation (LGBT and heterosexual)
  • Age
  • Relationship or marital status
  • Disability
  • HIV status
  • Background
  • Faith or religious belief
  • Physical appearance
  • Political opinions

Our diversity policy is available on request, and we welcome feedback on that too.