Diverse Families

The Importance Of Supporting Diverse Families

The family dynamic has changed. Normal is no more. Recent successes in marriage equality and equal adoption rights – alongside the wider progression of equality socially – means that non-traditional families are being . Gay parents can now be open about their sexuality, single parents are less ostracised. But we want to do more

At Emerald, one of our key priorities is to make sure non-traditional families receive the same cover and protection from insurance as their straight counterparts. For us to offer the products to achieve this, we have a constant dialogue with LGBT families as well as members of the community who are experienced in same-sex parenting.

Listening to and learning from diverse parents

To help us understand more about the issues that might face single parents or LGBT families, we work with various family groups, including Out In The Family. For example, these groups are invaluable in helping LGBT parents, or those thinking of starting a family, to understand the issues faced by same-sex couples with children.

We recognise diverse family structures. So, for example, our travel insurance will have specific pricing for single-parent families and our all our policies where relevant include adopted, foster and surrogate children within the definition of family.