Why Emerald

Why Choose Emerald Life As Your Insurance Provider?

Emerald Life exists to provide home, pet, wedding, and travel insurance. But we want to do more.

We are the first UK insurance provider dedicated to equality. That means taking policies designed for a 1950s view of society and changing them to suit everybody, including the LGBT community, women and non-traditional families – something that’s simply not been done before.

We were the first insurance provider in the UK to:

  • allow Mx as a gender-neutral title
  • include discrimination cover in our wedding and travel policies
  • re-define a family to include surrogate children

We want more. We play a key role in arguing for change, which has already included pricing for single-parent families and people living with HIV. We have strong partnerships with a number of charities and grassroots organisations that we support with mentoring and funding.

Finally, at Emerald, we listen. We hear, value, and act upon feedback and comments from our customers from all walks of life on how we can improve our products and services. And we’re proud to do so.