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It's easy to forget that weddings and civil partnerships are an expensive, emotional business – what with the ring, dress, venue and food. The right wedding insurance could protect you from things going wrong before your big day. This guide will teach you about wedding insurance: what it covers, how much it costs and how to get the best wedding insurance cover for you.

Wedding Insurance and Coronavirus

It would be wrong to mention weddings and insurance without the huge disruption thousands of couples have faced in recent times due to Coronavirus. At Emerald Life we went from being a relatively small wedding insurance provider to be catapulted into helping thousands of couples in crisis. You can see some of the hugely positive feedback we've received in our Feefo reviews. We're working hard to bring you a new wedding insurance product in the near future now that nearly all providers have stopped selling new policies. Check back here or sign up to see what we produce to bring our unique brand of understanding and service back to the wedding insurance market.

What is Wedding Insurance Cover?

Wedding insurance covers the cost of a cancelled or postponed event, such as if it's too cold to have an outdoor ceremony. It might also cover your stay in hospital due to illness before the day itself so you can still enjoy your celebrations without having to worry about money worries. It doesn't replace the need for any other form of life or accident assurance: it only provides financial protection against specific risks. You should always check with providers what they offer and how much they charge before buying anything because prices may vary from company-to-company and product-to-product.

Who Needs Wedding Insurance Policies?

If your dream wedding day involves significant expenditure on items like the dress, venue and catering then you may well wish to consider wedding insurance. To put it another way, how much would you lose if you or your partner were ill on the day and you had to cancel? Similarly if a single supplier went bankrupt - such as the venue or caterer - and you lost your deposit what would that amount to? If either of those costs sound painful, then you may want to consider the relatively small cost of wedding insurance. Wedding insurance is not an ongoing cost like many other insurance policies. You just have to pay one upfront fee which, depending on the cost of your wedding, should not exceed about £300 even for a large wedding costing £100,000.

How To Buy Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance is generally a very simple product without the complex questions you may be used to when applying for other insurance products. We typically ask for basic information including the participants' names and dates of birth and the location of the wedding ceremony and receptions.
The most important question is how much the wedding is going to cost in total and this will decide the price of your wedding insurance policy.
If your wedding ends up costing more than you expect you can let us know and pay to upgrade the cover. An important thing to remember with wedding insurance is it does not have to be the first thin you buy. Providing you have no reason to suspect you'll need to claim, you can buy wedding insurance right up to the day before your wedding and still have cover for all the payments you have made. This is obviously not the case if you are feeling unwell a few days before and decide to buy or know that your dress shop is going to go bankrupt. To buy wedding insurance, simply visit our fast online wedding insurance quote. Answer the questions truthfully and select the level of cover you need.

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

Wedding insurance aims to cover your irrecoverable costs in the event something goes wrong on your wedding day. Wedding or civil partnership insurance covers your deposits and other costs if you cancel for one of these reasons: illness, death in the family, bereavement or having an accident that prevents you from getting married. This includes costs like catering, equipment, attire, cakes and rings. Wedding insurance can also cover public liability and damage to rental items like DJ equipment and marquees. Of course, wedding insurance policies cannot cover everything and so you should read your wedding insurance policy carefully to check you level of cover and any terms and conditions attached.

Is Wedding Insurance Worth Getting?

Wedding insurance is probably worth getting if you have a lot of deposits or costs to cover on your wedding day. The crucial question to ask yourself is how would you feel if a supplier went bankrupt and you lost your deposit, or one of the participants was ill on the day and you had to cancel. If these sums of money sound horrific then you should definitely consider a wedding insurance policy with a good amount of coverage. On the other hand if you are keeping your costs low then you may think the cost of a wedding insurance policy unnecessary. Only you can decide.

What is the best wedding insurance to buy?

At Emerald Life we are proud of our wedding insurance product. However, as a regulated financial product we are unable to say we're the best wedding insurance for everyone. Have a look at our cover levels and policy wording to see if our wedding insurance is right for you. Keep in mind that simply searching for the best wedding insurance may not give you the best result for you. Many reviews are biased and get paid commissions depending on their rankings. Meanwhile other policies may be the best wedding insurance for you depending on your unique circumstances.

How much wedding insurance do you need?

You should aim to insure your wedding for the total cost of your wedding. You can choose to under-insure should you wish but this may limit your ability to claim.

How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost UK?

Wedding insurance does not cost much in the UK. Most average weddings can be insured for around £30 - £70 with a variety of wedding insurance providers.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Weddings can be incredibly expensive events – and you want everything to be perfect. There are lots of factors outside your control that can impact them. So it makes perfect sense to insure your big day. Our wedding policy covers things such as damage to clothing, financial failure of services suppliers, cancellation due to adverse weather, and illness AND if any services supplier refuses to provide you a product or service because you are having a same-sex wedding, or for any other reason that is prohibited under the Equalities Act – just about everything we can think of where you might need protection for on your big day.

Our standard wedding insurance packages are designed to cover one wedding and one reception. If you are planning a multi wedding or reception arrangement, perhaps to have another blessing in one of the participant’s home countries or where you first met, then give us a call and we will raise it with the underwriters (usually responding within 24 hours) and try to accommodate you. 

Yes, Emerald provides worldwide cover for wedding and reception celebrations, subject to the below conditions. It is one of the things that makes Emerald wedding insurance so comprehensive. Despite this global coverage, there are five specific sections of this insurance where we are unfortunately unable to provide worldwide cover:

  • We are unable to cover weddings or receptions in Cuba, Iran or North Korea;
  • Personal Liability does not apply to wedding and receptions taking place in the USA or Canada;
  • Guests' Personal Liability does not apply to wedding and receptions taking place outside the UK;
  • Our optional extras of marquee cover and ceremonial sword cover only apply in the UK; and
  • Where you believe that you have a claim for discrimination on the grounds of your sexuality, cover is only for weddings or receptions in the UK.

Emerald can provide coverage of up to £100,000 and policies start for as little as £49 – you’ll find a policy to suit your celebration, no matter its size.

Yes they are, although there are limits on the value of each individual gift of either £250 or £750 per gift, depending on your level of cover. Please review the limits for wedding gifts. Reasonable care needs to be taken with all of your gifts so that you are covered against theft or loss. 

Emerald has you covered if you are left with unrecoverable expenses for wedding outfits, flowers, photographs, caterers, transport, accommodation and anything else that is booked and then not used. Under an Emerald wedding policy, a valid reason includes the following (but – importantly – subject to the conditions and qualifications as set out in the full policy wording): if your wedding venue cannot hold your wedding or reception because of damage to the venue, outbreaks of disease, closure of the venue by the relevant authority, death or illness of one of the participants or a close relative, or the failure of a minister, registrar, or wedding services supplier to turn up on the day, loss or damage to ceremonial attire, redundancy of one of the participants or any close relative paying for the wedding, adverse weather conditions meaning that the participants, their parents or most of the guests cannot reach the venue, or a military posting overseas of one of the participants, attendants or close relative.  

Before you cancel a Wedding and/or a Wedding Reception, we strongly recommend that you call our claims helpline on 0333 234 3723 to understand the scope of your cover. We don't want you to be in a position where you cancel the Wedding and/or the Wedding Reception, but then find out that you are not covered.

Yes, Emerald wedding insurance protects you against such eventualities and if over 50% or 75% (depending on your level of cover) of the photographs are not viable, you can reshoot

Yes, it does. Should your transport supplier fail to honour their contractual obligations, Emerald will cover you for any extra expenses you incur.

Yes, Emerald’s wedding insurance provides cover for loss or damage to wedding rings, up to a maximum of £15,000 of cover on our top tier of cover. Please refer to our chart showing levels of cover and limits

We offer redundancy cover where notice is received at least 8 weeks after the policy is taken out and qualifying for payment under the current redundancy legislation. This covers the participants and any of their relatives who would have made proven, significant, financial contributions to the wedding arrangements. In such a case, you would have the option of cancelling the wedding and claiming back irrecoverable expenses under your wedding policy or rearranging the wedding.

Before you cancel a Wedding and/or a Wedding Reception, we strongly recommend that you call our claims helpline on 0333 234 3723 to understand the scope of your cover. We don't want you to be in a position where you cancel the Wedding and/or the Wedding Reception, but then find out that you are not covered.

Yes, you can cancel your policy up to 14 days after taking it out and before the wedding has taken place. For cancellation after 14 days, there is no refund. If you wish to cancel your policy please call us at: 0330 113 7109.

Yes, we provide cancellation and rearrangement cover if they are deployed overseas in unforeseen circumstances, subject to the terms and conditions contained in the full policy wording.

Before you cancel a Wedding and/or a Wedding Reception, we strongly recommend that you call our claims helpline on 0333 234 3723 to understand the scope of your cover. We don't want you to be in a position where you cancel the Wedding and/or the Wedding Reception, but then find out that you are not covered.

Personal liability cover protects you in the event that you or your partner accidentally cause an accident that results in the injury of a third party or damage to their property. We provide personal liability insurance worldwide, excluding the US and Canada. Guests' personal liability cover simply extends this cover to your guests.

Guests’ Personal Liability cover does not apply anywhere outside the UK.

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