Understanding Wedding Insurance


Here at Emerald, a leading wedding insurance provider in the UK, we wanted to pen a short piece that gave you an outline of wedding cover, what it covers, and is there such a thing as the ‘best wedding insurance provider’?

A wedding is a lot of moving parts, Wedding insurance cover will cover the big things (cancellation cover, illness, injury, bankruptcy or financial failure of venue) but also the smaller parts – wedding rings, flowers, wedding cake, wedding attire, wedding gifts etc. Add in cover for personal liability and/or public liability and this policy can be quite a handful!

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The purpose of wedding insurance – what is wedding insurance for?

Wedding insurance is a type of insurance that can provide essential financial protection in case of unforeseen circumstances during the wedding planning process or on the wedding day. It can cover the need to change, for example, the wedding date or wedding venue if an ‘insured event’ arises.

It covers various risks, such as illness, accidents, cancellations, and more. While in summary the most important part of wedding insurance is cancellation cover, there are lots of other parts (such as legal expenses or otherwise as mentioned above) 

Importance of protecting your special day with a wedding insurance policy

Wedding insurance can provide peace of mind and financial security in case of unexpected events. it can cover any UK wedding, as well as overseas weddings. Emerald does not charge extra for overseas weddings, but some providers do. The lesson here is to check the details of your wedding insurance policy before taking it out and make sure that you are getting the best deal. 

Wedding insurance is an essential part of the wedding planning process to give couples financial protection and confidence. Although it is fairly new to the insurance industry, it has become a staple, covering all sorts of wedding ceremony or civil ceremony. 

Do I Need Wedding Insurance?

Risks and uncertainties associated with weddings

Weddings are prone to unexpected events, such as venue cancellations, supplier failures, and weather-related issues. In addition, although rare, if there is damage to people or property, there may be a public liability or personal liability on the wedding couple or their guests. Because of that, you should always make sure that your wedding insurance policy can provide cover for these (public liability or personal liability). At Emerald we have different level of cover from £1m to £10m as you decide. 

As we said, although rare, it is important to have public liability insurance within your policy documents. There are also several levels of cover so the first important bit is for the marrying couple to work out the overall budget for their wedding day and that will be the basis of the policy cover level that they might choose. 

These events can cause significant financial losses and emotional distress. Although not in every type of wedding insurance, an Emerald wedding insurance policy also includes some money for professional counselling in the event of a something traumatic happening at your wedding. 

Financial protection and peace of mind with a wedding insurance cover

Wedding insurance can provide financial protection in case of unexpected events. And it’s not just things – there can be cover for extreme weather if that affects your big day. There’s even cover in there if you are in the armed forces and you are posted overseas. 

It can also give couples (and in certain circumstances a close relative) peace of mind, knowing that they’re covered in case something goes wrong and the insurance company will pay certain cost. Here at Emerald all our policies will cover some travel but not all policies do. Make sure that you read reviews for each wedding insurance provider, and whether there is any additional premium for the cover that you want. But the great news is that Emerald can provide cover that is flexible and meets your needs – get a quote in a couple of minutes if you click HERE

What’s Covered and What’s Not

Wedding insurance coverage: venue cancellation, illness, accident, or death of key participants

At the risk of repeating ourselves, wedding insurance typically covers venue cancellations, illness, accidents, or death of key participants, such as the wedding party or close family members. 

It may also cover other risks, such as supplier failures, weather-related issues, and more. With a flexible wedding insurance policy you can also cover any marquees that have been hired, or even ceremonial swords. Of course, if you do increase your levels of cover, that may mean that an additional premium is payable. 

Exclusions and limitations: understanding what’s not covered

  • Wedding insurance policies may have exclusions and limitations, such as pre-existing conditions, war or terrorism, and natural disasters.
  • It’s essential to read the terms and conditions carefully to understand what’s not covered.

Protecting your wedding rings and other valuable items

  • Wedding insurance may also cover valuable items, such as wedding rings, gifts, and attire.
  • These items can be expensive to replace, and insurance can provide financial protection in case of loss or damage.

Wedding Insurance Abroad

Coverage for destination weddings

Not all wedding insurance policies cover weddings abroad, so it’s essential to check the policy terms and conditions.

Some policies may require a specialist policy for destination weddings or charge an additional premium. Emerald does not do that, but you do need to make sure that the FCDO allows travel to that country. If it does not, then insurance cover would not be available. 

Destination weddings may require additional planning and preparation, such as obtaining necessary documents and permits. However you can get cover for lost documents for weddings abroad. Emerald provides that at no extra cost. 

Wedding insurance can provide financial protection in case of unexpected events while planning a destination wedding.

Getting a Wedding Insurance Quote

Required information for a quote

To get a wedding insurance quote, you’ll need to provide information, such as your ceremony date, wedding details. You will also want to think about the total cost of your wedding, and anything in particular that you want cover for. We mentioned above some coves, but what about stolen or damaged items, rings flowers, ceremonial attire etc. 

This information will help the insurer determine the level of risk and provide an accurate quote.

Factors affecting premium costs

The cost of wedding insurance depends on various factors, such as the level of cover, wedding budget, and location.

Comparing policies and cover levels can help you find the best option for your needs and budget. Always read the small print and key features. With the right policy, the premium is a small price to pay for cover for your wedding as the marrying couple. 

Choosing the Right Policy

Comparing policies and cover levels

It’s essential to compare policies and cover levels to find the best option for your needs and budget. There’s no such thing as the best wedding insurance provider; it’s more a question of cover amounts and your circumstances. Remember as with all insurance you can’t have your wedding cake and eat it!

Consider the level of cover, exclusions, and limitations when choosing a policy. Some policies for example limit cover for wedding suppliers, or have lower caps on payouts for financial failure of suppliers. Again this will all be set out in your policy documents. 

Customising your policy with add-ons for the marrying couple

Some policies may offer add-ons, such as COVID-19 extensions, ceremonial sword or marquee cover.

These add-ons can provide additional financial protection and peace of mind. Again however, there are limitations and conditions so always read the small print carefully. 

Timing and Cost Considerations

When to buy wedding insurance: avoiding last-minute stress and uncertainty

It’s recommended to buy wedding insurance as soon as possible, ideally before signing contracts with suppliers and the venue.

This can help avoid last-minute stress and uncertainty.

Note that some policies will have other caps or limitations on deposits or amounts paid long before buying the cover. Again, that is not the case with Emerald. 

Tips for reducing premium costs and minimizing risks

Consider ways to reduce premium costs, such as opting for a policy with a higher excess. Bear in mind that some of the policies online may not have that optionality. 

Minimize risks by choosing reliable suppliers, having a Plan B in place, and keeping safety in mind – for the marrying couple as well as the guests on the big day and in the run up to the big day as well!


Despite what you may have read about wedding insurance, there is a cost balance against what is covered in relation to your ceremony. Although a lot is covered for the various aspects of your wedding, your policy documents should lay these out clearly and you should be able to see the various covers for your wedding, and additional premium, and anything else that you have to pay in terms of excesses etc. 

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