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You’ve protected your wedding…on to the Honeymoon!

Insure your Honeymoon with us here at Emerald Life, your insurance provider

At Emerald, we’re experts at protecting Weddings and Civil Ceremonies, additionally we are experts in Travel Insurance. Whether you have a single trip book, or multiple – we are here to provide honeymoon travel insurance to help you start your marriage off right with our travel insurance for honeymoons.

Emerald has been providing high quality, great value travel insurance for the better part of a decade. In aid with experienced specialists we are here to ensure that your perfect destination stays perfect with the policy protection we can offer: whether that be compensation for medical issues, lost luggage, or travel cancellations – we want to help!

Honeymoon Travel Insurance from Voyager

Why choose Emerald Life to achieve your travel insurance needs

Acclaimed as experts in our reviews, here at Emerald we are ready to support your travel requirements. We are ready to make your honeymoon planning easier and support if the worst happens, such as trip cancellations or the like. 

Okay, but what does generic “Travel Insurance” cover?

The structure of travel insurance will cover medical emergencies, trip cancellation, the loss of luggage, legal expenses incurred in claims for compensation against injury, and the loss of luggage when you are travelling abroad. A good travel insurance policy will have all this and more. 

Is couples travel insurance cover cheaper?

Couples insurance means what it says on the tin: it covers both you and your partner in a single policy for your travels. Some policies will require that you live at the same address when you travel abroad, but this will be clear in your policy documents.

The overall cost of the insurance policy for your honeymoon will be dependant on the type of travel you are about to embark on: if the risk of the activities you are pursuing are higher, like scuba diving – the amount of your overall quote will increase.

However, whilst couples travel tends to be cheaper, make sure that you have all the optional extras needed for an adventurous itinerary, such as skiing or cycling. Moreover, for people with a medical condition that has already been diagnosed, separate insurance can help. The risk associated with a condition can increase the premium for the other person, but not for one individual. 

Nevertheless, we at Emerald have full confidence that our customers have an awareness as to what is best for them and their needs, we are not here to tell you what is best for you, but rather here to help you your navigate insurance qualms and find the best cover so you can have the best time.

Group travel insurance 

Want to cherish special memories abroad with loved ones? At Emerald we understand how important family is and how sharing the experience of a honeymoon with newly formed family can be a priority for some customers. Our group travel insurance is great for making your insurance policy more efficient and cost effective when it comes to covering larger groups for travelling abroad.

Group travel insurance is also an advisable policy to acquire for business collegues who are taking an excursion from the office, or few a group of friends who are embarking on gap year travels.

When is the cancellation of a honeymoon covered within your insurance?

The cancelling or delay of a honeymoon is insured when it is as a result of an unforeseeable and unpredictable event that deems such cancellation appropriate: for example, a bereavement. Conversely, cancellation may not be insured if it is as a result of previously engaged parties wishing to not go through with the marriage. 

Cut Short: Trip Interruption Insurance for Honeymoons

Another variation of worst-case scenario is: After the wedding you enjoy an extended break but have bad news from back home. The mother in-law has been unexpectedly hospitalised. In the light of such an event, as your provider, we would be able to compensate money lost through such interruption.

This policy covers a non-refundable deposit you lose if you have to cancel bookings on short-notice if you have a valid claim.

What can Emerald provide: 

Finding the right policy for you is our speciality. Adopting add-ons to your travel insurance policy will enable you, the happy couple, to customise an insurance that is tailored to the needs of your honeymoon.

Examples of separate policies:

  1. Gadget Travel insurance
  2. Activities and Extreme sports cover 
  3. Wintersports Extension 
  4. Cruise Insurance 

1. Gadget Insurance 

Personal belongings are typically covered within a standard travel insurance policy; however, today with the increase in technology usage (especially mobile phone) it is wise to seek an individual policy to cover the items that have become such an important part of our everyday life. 

What we cover:

  • up to £1,000 for the intrinsic value or cost to repair your gadgets including tablets, laptops and phones that are stolen, lost, damaged or destroyed whilst you’re on your honeymoon. 
  • We cover unauthorised calls up to £75 if your phone has been stolen.


  • There is a single article limit of £500.
  • You must take reasonable care of your gadgets; for example, do not leave them attended in a public place.
  • You must provide proof of ownership of gadget. 

2. Activities and Extreme sports cover 

For this policy to be accessible each travel insurer will have some rules and qualifications, such as you must participate in hazardous sports or activities for 50% of your trip. For example, if you and your partner are keen to celebrate in the great barrier reef and anticipate that scuba diving, one of the high risk activities, will be frequent on the agenda – activities and extreme sports cover will be necessary.

3. Wintersports Extension

If you’re choosing to take your honeymoon to the ski slopes this winter a Wintersports extension might prove crucial to both you and your partner.

Additionally, in the extreme event that you are affected by climate disaster specific to that area, such as an avalanche, you will be entitled to compensation.

If you are an off-piste skier or are more interested in specialist wintersports you will likely require the sports and hazardous activities extension cover in order to guarantee you are viable for compensation in the light of an accident. 

4. Cruise Insurance

If you’re looking to reach multiple luxurious locations through cruising on your honeymoon – the Cruise Cover Extension might prove CRUIcial (the pun was desperately intended). This coverage will provide you with the typical travel cover expected, but will additionally include cruise specific protection, such as an itinerary change or a missed port departure. 

Lastly, what Emerald does differently

Unlike other wedding insurance providers, we place particular stress on smaller communities who often do not get equally treated (notably women or those from the LGTBQ+ community)

In summary 

  • Honeymoon travel insurance is something that Emerald specialists would be delighted to help newly-wed couples with. The most important thing to us at Emerald is guaranteeing a safe and financially risk free trip!
  • Couples travel insurance cover is available and can prove to be more cost effective overall. However, investing in separate policies might be the most appropriate measure, as it will insure that specific risks you are exposed to, such as a medical expenses, are addressed. 
  • Your insurance provider may require you to invest in extension policies that will cover you from the cost of the additional risks that your itinerary carries. events such as Scuba diving carry greater risks than typical honeymoon activities (such as a couples massage); consequently, regular honeymoon insurance will not provide this.

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