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Why Emerald?

We passionately believe that gay and lesbian people are entitled to an equal experience when buying financial products. However, our research found that gay and lesbian customers are often not receiving equal service or relevant products. Among our many examples:

  • 79% of LGBT people would change the way insurers treated them*
  • 68% of LGBT customers feel that their financial services provider is not taking serious steps to understand them**
  • 34% have experienced an uncomfortable situation with a financial services provider because of their sexuality, either being asked it or having to disclose it to correct a mistaken assumption**
  • Nearly one quarter (24%) would likely lie about their sexuality to a financial services provider in case a decision goes against them, or a product would be more expensive**

Emerald was built by us for the gay and lesbian community and has everything one needs on one platform, with great service and products tailored for who you are.

*Emerald Life & YouGov **Nationwide
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Almost 8 in 10 (79%) members of the LGBT community would change the way insurance companies treated the LGBT community

39% of people polled from the LGBT community would change call centre language so the opposite sex of partners is not presumed

Around one in two (47%) of straight people polled said they thought the LGBT community could be better served by the insurance industry

Tailored Products Built For You

Wouldn’t it be great to have insurance polices that understand not only the general needs of customers, but the specific needs of the LGBT community? Our products are tailored to suit our customers’ ambitions and lifestyles and offer best-in-class coverage. For example:

  • With our home and contents policy, there is a legal/professional fees option that provides legal expense cover for discrimination claims, employment claims and social media defamation
  • In our wedding policy, you can claim against any provider who will not deal with you because of your sexuality

  • Cover for malicious damage to property and contents including homophobic and hate crimes 
  • HIV is not automatically excluded from our Travel and Wedding policies  
Tailored Products Built For You

Our Systems Were Built For You

Our Systems Were Built for You

We built Emerald from the ground up so that we could offer the best possible customer experience, free from assumptions.

  • No legacy systems, no legacy thinking. Our brand new systems allow us to update what we do and to add new products easily
  • We audit the diversity policies of our service providers and offer regular sensitivity training
  • Our systems have been tested by external agencies to ensure that they are as secure and free from hacking as we can make them

In short, you don’t want to have to come out every time you call your insurer.  We understand.

Our Systems Were Built For You

Part of the Community

Too many companies and providers think that they can simply buy loyalty by sponsoring various diverse entities. Our commitment goes much further than that. For example: 

  • Our senior staff actively participate in LGBT charities’ activities, whether as Stonewall ambassadors, mentors to the Albert Kennedy Trust, or as Diversity Role Models
  • Emerald Life is proud of its intern program, giving training and employment to young LGBT people who have come to us through the Albert Kennedy Trust
  • Our senior staff work on mentoring LGBT youth on business skills and employment issues

We feel it’s better to roll our sleeves up and get stuck in as opposed to just signing cheques and supporting the charities we admire.

Part of the Community
Emerald supports
  • stonewall
  • human dignity trust
  • the albert kennedy trust
  • Diversity Role Models
  • Proud Professional Parents
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