The Emerald Difference

The Emerald Difference – Giving Equality and Respect For All, Regardless of Sexuality, Gender or Family Structure

When we first talked about the possibility of launching Emerald, it was because of the disappointing experiences that so many of the LGBT community had when buying insurance. Because the LGBT community only represents a small part of the market, it seemed that insurers were happy to ignore the fact that LGBT customers might have additional or different needs. As we grew, we noticed that similar issues were faced by women and those in non-traditional family structure.  The concerns often overlapped, so it seemed logical that we should evolve to offer equality and respect to customers who felt poorly served and underrepresented by mainstream insurers.

So we decided to start from scratch, creating a company that considers the needs of our customers, whoever they are and however they identify, at every stage of the process. The result of that is what we call The Emerald Difference.

We Ensure That Our Products and Services Work For All Our Customers

So what does “The Emerald Difference” really mean? In short, we see it as putting the needs of all customers at the heart of everything we do, regardless of sexuality, gender or family structure – which we believe separates us from the mainstream insurance sector that often offers a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. With Emerald, non-traditional communities aren’t an afterthought, but a constant, core consideration. This starts with our website, the language we use, and our specially-trained call-centre staff. And it runs right through our offering, from the way we conduct conversations, for example, with transgender consumers to the unique offerings in our policies that include extra discrimination reflecting that some of our customers may occasionally need some extra protection.

When we talk about ‘The Emerald Difference’ in relation to our policies, we’re referencing all the extra things we’ve added to our cover – after careful consideration and input from the LGBT community, women’s organisations, and family groups.

For example, our Wedding Insurance allows for two grooms or two brides, and specifically refers to conversions from civil partnerships to marriages which many other policies do not, as well as giving legal expenses cover for cases of discrimination. Our Travel Insurance includes a definition of families that includes same-sex parents and covers surrogate children, acknowledging and supporting modern, diverse families.

The difference between our policies and other insurance firms’ offerings also extends to consider the potential for discrimination against various groups in society. Recent times have seen the introduction of equality legislation that makes it illegal to discriminte in the provision of goods or services on the basis of sexuality, gender, age, marital status etc. In our Home Insurance (as an option) and in our Wedding Insurance we offer the potential to fund customers’ legal expenses in bringing a discrimination claim. We believe that it is right to stand up in the face of discrimination and we think these laws should be enforced wherever possible.

Our Staff Will Always Consider Your Needs

But it’s not about just offering different policies. We also consider the needs of consumers from their very first interaction with us. From talking to our friends in the LGBT community and in many other walks of life, we’ve heard far too many stories about awkward phone calls with insurance companies – where assumptions were made about gender, titles, sexuality or family structure. Our call-centre staff, on the other hand, are specially-trained to work with all our customers, tailoring the journey and making no unnecessary assumptions. So there are no suppositions and no need for you to come out on the phone or correct the person at the other end of the telephone.

We Listen To Our Communities – Then Act

It might be easy for a niche company such as ourselves to think we already know it all when it comes to the focus on equality that we provide in our insurance. But that’s not us. We don’t pretend to have all the answers and we never will – but we’re always open to feedback and advice. We’re proud of our openness, and think it’s another thing that makes us unique.

And Finally, We’re Committed

We’re as passionate and committed to providing you excellent insurance tailored for you – and matching service – as you are about receiving it. We hope that shows.