The period between late November and Valentine’s Day is known to be the peak time for getting engaged. But is getting engaged really all it’s cracked up to be?

Wedding registry and wedding planning site Zola has surveyed 1000 engaged and newlywed couples and uncovered some surprising statistics about getting engaged.

How long should you be together before you get married? According to Zola, one in four couples were together for six years or more before they got engaged.

60% started wedding planning before they even got engaged. We presume this means ‘going public’ with an engagement, or else why would they have been planning a wedding?

Just 30% of engagements were a complete surprise. In fact, some planned ahead and prepared for their engagement with manicures (20%), and having photographs taken  by a pre-booked professional photographer (40%).

While a lucky third might have had a romantic surprise, a quarter felt they had to give their partner an ultimatum that if they were really serious then they had to put a ring on it. Some 40% of respondents said they discussed marriage once a week during the six months prior to their engagement, and 50% of couples went ring shopping together. What about weddings in later life?

While the engagement is a big occasion to prepare for and seems to be more planned than ever before, couples planning a wedding may want to take steps to make sure this potentially even bigger day is protected.

Wedding insurance may be a wise precaution to help guard against events beyond organiser’s control such as supplier and venue failure or the theft or damage of rings and outfits. Emerald wedding insurance starts at just £49 to help give you peace of mind for the big day.