All our wedding insurance policies include cover for your wedding cake. While the average cost of wedding cakes in the UK is under £300 – far below other staples like the wedding dress and venue – that is still a price to be protected.

Wedding cake prices vary based on suppliers, ingredients and location, not to mention any delivery costs to get the cake to the wedding venue.

With Emerald wedding insurance, wedding cakes are covered in the same bracket as wedding rings, flowers and the attendant’s gifts.

Compare our different levels of wedding insurance to see what cover you could get. This wedding insurance comparison only features our cover for cakes but each level includes further cover for more wedding expenses as found in the policy wording.

Package Cover for rings, flowers, cake and attendant’s gifts  Excess Price 
 Diamond  £3,000   £25   £49
 Premier  £8,000   £50   £109
 Premier +  £10,000   £50  £199
 Platinum  £15,000   £250  £299