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Here at Emerald Life our weddings insurance policy automatically insures the financial outlay of ceremonial items and attire. Essentially, there is no need to seek separate policies for your big day, such as jewellery insurance and valuables insurance, as we protect your wedding rings under our single wedding policy. However, in order to provide effective insurance we will need to know the current value (taken from an up to date valuation or purchase receipt) and the purchase price of this expensive jewellery. We’re here to help give you peace of mind.

By the time you have finished reading this article you will have a better understanding of wedding insurance; specifically, of the specialist insurance you can acquire for your personal possessions which are of both financial and sentimental value.

Getting cover for your wedding rings!

Here at Emerald you will not need to acquire a separate policy in order to have you valuable wedding ring covered for the big day. However, like other wedding insurance we do not cover eternity rings or non-wedding rings. To make sure they’re properly covered – you can access other insurance products of even your home insurance policy. 

The level of cover for rings and gifts will vary depending on the level of overall wedding insurance. 

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Getting cover for wedding rings and engagement rings (theres a difference!)

Our wedding insurance policy will provide protection for the wedding ring in the event that it is lost or damaged. However, in the event that this should occur post-wedding, especially if the said damages did not take place on wedding day itself, you wedding ring will not be covered. If you want to establish cover for such a precious item after the wedding it is advisable to add this into a suitable home insurance policy. Find out more about Emerald’s home insurance HERE

Additionally, our wedding insurance does not cover engagement or eternity rings so if you are looking for protection for these precious items it would be wise to pursue another policy, such as home insurance.

Insuring wedding and engagement rings on contents insurance

Whilst wedding rings are covered in wedding insurance, this will not be a longterm insurance policy. For a long-term, forever marriage you will need a committed and longstanding insurance policy. Specifically, you will need a policy that acknowledges the fact that these rings are for general wear and not just for your wedding day. This form of cover can be found within the home insurance we can provide for you HERE.

Standard home contents insurance should include the coverage of valuable items from your wedding day. Similar to wedding insurance, a professional valuation must be conducted regularly in order for you to make a claim in case the worst should happen.

To read up on the specifics of the coverage available to your treasured possessions on a home insurance coverage click HERE to access our policy.

(Quick note: Home insurance also provides cover in the event that you experience a break in, or for example if you want to protect an expensive piece of fine art from accidental or malicious damage. To understand more about the scope of home insurance as an overall policy click HERE to read an additional article on the matter.)

How to value jewellery for insurance purposes 

In order to ensure that you have the correct sum of your treasured possessions in the event of a claim, you will need a professional valuation. A specialist jeweller, whether that be a local jeweller or a one partnered with a firm, will produce a formal document giving the precise description of each piece. This valuation certificate will additionally outline the ways in which the jeweller arrived at the conclusion they did. 

Once you have your jewellery valued, you will be ready to access ring insurance. If you have any additional queries on the matter or would appreciate some more personal guidance; do not hesitate to get in touch. Our specialist team at Emerald are available to ensure you start your marriage off right.

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Insurance cover especially designed for engagement rings?

We, as with other wedding insurers, do not cover engagement ring insurance as a singular policy. As aforementioned, coverage for this item can be established upon purchasing home insurance. The insurance of an engagement ring will follow a similar journey to the policy consolidation for wedding rings insurance (and other ceremonial attire). You must achieve an accurate valuation for your ring and by extension a document to show your home insurance provider. 

Insuring collectibles, jewellery and other valuables

Valuables insurance, which is typically included within home insurance policy, will cover your treasured possessions in the event that your jewellery (etc) is stolen or maliciously/accidentally destroyed. Such coverage can in be manifested in the replacement/reimbursement of the effected owner.

Wedding Dress Insurance 

As previously mentioned, the insuring of ceremonial items such as wedding and engagement rings is something that we specialise in here at Emerald. Concomitantly, the coverage for ceremonial dressing is also a crucial aspect of our wedding insurance policy, as it is a crucial part to your wedding day.

Similar to our wedding ring insurance advice, the type of coverage you can access for your perfect dress will be determined on the level of insurance you adopt. Under ceremonial attire cover, we will be able to provide insurance for the potential cosmetic damage your dress could endure. So there is no need to worry about 

Accidental damage

The covered offered for your ceremonial items in both our wedding policy and home cover will reimburse you for the accidental damage that your items have fallen victim to. 

As with all insurance claims, you will begin a journey in which your loss adjuster will investigate the nature of your claim, in turn assessing the extent of the damage you have experienced and will additionally evaluate the amount needed for reimbursement. 

Level of cover

Here at Emerald we have a plethora of covers to choose from to help meet the insurance needs of you wedding day! From Silver to Supreme, we’ve got you covered. 

To become better understood in the level of cover we provide click HERE, or get in touch with a specialist at Emerald on 0330 113 7109 or email us at This will help you compare quotes. 

Simultaneously, if you are seeking long-term cover for the valuable jewellery from your wedding day; purchasing a home insurance policy 

Moreover, we also advise that you shop around and compare quotes with other providers to make sure that you have an insurance policy that is not only the most effective, but also the most financially accessible to you!

Under-insuring vs over-insuring valuables: getting insurance right!

Customer psychology behind insurance purchase should be that of guided pragmatism (upon the dialogue established with your insurance provider) and the empowerment achieved through the acquisition of empirical information. However! it is common for many insurance seekers to feel rattled by a lack of confidence when it comes to understanding their own needs. 

From establishing the value of an item to achieving a tailored policy. We are here to help you!

The under and over insuring of valuables can leave insurance seekers in a financially tumultuous situation. Under-insuring may reduce the initial costs of coverage; however, it can result in longterm financial frustration, as you may not be effectively covered for unexpected damages and will most likely have to pay additional fees alongside your insurance for needed repairs. Alternatively, an over-committed policy (usually adopted by the hyper-anxious crowd) will cover your items in the event of unexpected damage; but results in paying too much over the years, as insurers will not pay out more than an item is worth. Whilst, we like to say ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry’, there is no need to over-purchase insurance.

Making insurance decisions should be rooted within a comprehensive understanding of your own needs. For example, this could look like understanding the financial, not just the personal, value of your items. The availability of such information will create a clearer, more accessible and intelligible dialogue between you and your insurance provider. 

Making a claim?

Our team are here to listen! After re-visiting your policy document to check that your claim is viable for cover, feel free to get in touch to start your claim journey. The sooner this journey is conducted, the easier it will be for our loss adjuster to assess the impact of liable parties and the maximum amount that you are entitled to. 

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The type of insurance policy you take out will greatly influence the expectation of your payment; both in price and in frequency. For example, the purchase of a wedding insurance cover is typically a one-off payment, owing to the fact that it is one event that you are seeking cover. Conversely, policies like home cover are often renewed through yearly or monthly payments, as the insurance you need to protect your everyday valuables will be ongoing.

In summary:

  • It is an imperative that your wedding rings and ceremonial attire are protected, for some providers such an insurance is available under a separate wedding ring insurance policy. However, at Emerald we offer a varying levels of wedding insurance guarantee the protection of ceremonial items in the event that the worst should happen. We’re here to make sure your valuable jewellery is adequately covered.
  • Especially, when it comes to rings – your insurance provider will require such items undergo an up to date valuation. Rings valued, means a full replacement value can be established. The numbers determined from this valuation will help us provide cover in light of a claim.
  • This remains similar for ceremonial attire: such as your wedding dress. Whilst, it will be more appropriate 
  • Coverage for these items is simultaneously achieved in a home contents insurance policy. The adoption of this policy is advisable if you are intending to find long-term cover for your wedding and engagement ring. 
  • Worldwide cover is an extension policy we offer that ensures your items are protected globally. We are here to protect your specified items in the UK and abroad.
  • Lastly, its important to recognise the possibility of over-insuring your items. If you overestimate your purchase you may be paying for coverage you no longer need.

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