Choosing the Best Wedding Insurance: Your Guide to Peace of Mind on Your Big Day

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What’s the best wedding insurance for your special day for you and your wedding party? With various unforeseen incidents that could disrupt your plans, it’s a question of paramount importance. This guide cuts through the clutter to present a clear comparison of standout providers, breaking down essential features and costs, so you can invest in your wedding’s security with confidence.

Key Takeaways

  • Wedding insurance providers offer different levels of coverage to suit diverse wedding needs and budgets, ensuring protection for cancellations, supplier issues, and variable events, including overseas weddings. The level of cover that you take will reflect in higher or lower limits, or more conditions on cover. 
  • Essential features of wedding insurance policies include cancellation cover, personal liability, and options for overseas coverage (although with Emerald Life overseas weddings are covered for no extra cost) – with add-ons available for marquee events, COVID cover, and extra public liability for guests.
  • To guarantee the most financial protection for your big day, it’s recommended to purchase wedding insurance early in the planning process. 
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Top Wedding Insurance Providers: A Comprehensive Comparison

Illustration of a wedding event with various insurance providers like Emerald.

When it comes to one of the most beautiful milestones in life, choosing the right wedding insurance provider and wedding insurance cover is as crucial as picking the perfect venue for the wedding ceremony. Like guests at a banquet, each provider brings something unique to the table. Whether you’re planning a modest gathering or a grand affair, the best wedding insurance providers, such as Emerald, offer a variety of options to suit your needs and budget.

Understanding Wedding Insurance Policies: Key Features to Consider

Illustration of a cancellation notice for a wedding event

Diving into the world of wedding insurance policies can be akin to choosing a wedding cake – you must understand the ingredients to select the perfect fit. A policy can be a lifeline against a multitude of mishaps, from venue closure to wedding suppliers failure, and from extreme weather to loss or damage to wedding attire, or mishaps at the wedding ceremony or to the wedding rings. However, be mindful of common exclusions such as pre-existing medical conditions or global pandemics like Covid-19, which may not be covered. Moreover, personal liability for damages at the event is often an optional extra worth considering.

If your heart is set on a destination wedding, you’ll need to pay special attention to the terms of overseas coverage, and make sure that your wedding insurance quote can provide cover for that – hopefully like Emerald’s insurance cover, at no extra cost. 

Cancellation Cover

Cancellation cover is the cornerstone of wedding insurance, offering a financial cushion should your plans come to an unexpected halt. With coverage ranging from £5,000 to £80,000, you’re protected against a spectrum of unforeseen events, from illness or accidents affecting key participants to supplier letdowns. Not only does it address outright cancellations, but it also encompasses the costs of rearranging your special day, providing up to 75% of your original wedding budget to help you pivot without panic.

This cover ensures that the deposits and arrangements you’ve painstakingly made won’t be lost in the winds of chance, allowing you to rebook and recover lost deposits with confidence.

Personal Liability

Imagine if a misstep at your wedding led to a considerable claim from a guest or venue – that’s where personal liability cover comes into play. This essential aspect of wedding insurance offers protection up to £2,000,000, standing as a bulwark against the financial repercussions of accidents or property damage during your event. This coverage doesn’t just safeguard your bank account; it also includes legal expenses, providing a robust defense in the face of unforeseen liabilities.

With Emerald, you can extend your cover to make sure that public liability cover is extended to all guests, or even to increase the overall level of public liability cover to £5,000,000 – which is sometimes a requirement for the wedding reception venue, to cover accidents caused by guests as well as stolen or damaged items. 

Overseas Weddings Coverage

For those dreaming of tying the knot on a sun-kissed beach or in a quaint European village, understanding the nuances of overseas weddings coverage is paramount. With some provideders, if you are getting married abroad, a standard policy might not offer cover, necessitating either a specialist policy or additional coverage to ensure your foreign fairytale is fully protected.

With Emerald, overseas wedding cover is included at no extra cost! Just one way we try to help.

While wedding insurance can cover various unexpected costs, such as attire and essential documents, it’s important to know what wedding insurance covers. Travel costs are typically not included, so you’ll need to consider separate travel insurance for a comprehensive safety net.

How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost?

Illustration of a cost estimation for wedding insurance

Wedding insurance cost can be as variable as choosing between lilies or roses for your bouquet. A basic policy might start at under £50 or £60, while a more comprehensive policy, safeguarding a grandiose celebration with cover for COVID, public liability, and marquee cover, could reach £600 or more. The premium is intrinsically linked to your wedding’s price tag, which can range from £5,000 to £80,000 in the UK. A larger celebration carries more risk and thus commands a higher premium.

Keep in mind that, like your wedding cake, the cost of wedding insurance will have an added layer – a 12% insurance premium tax. This is a one-off payment, adding to your overall wedding budget considerations.

Customising Your Wedding Insurance: Add-Ons and Extras

Illustration of a customized wedding insurance policy with add-ons like marquee cover and public liability insurance

Tailoring your wedding insurance to fit your day as snugly as your wedding dress means considering add-ons and extras. Much like personalising your menu or playlist, these optional features ensure your policy reflects your specific needs and desires. With the option to adjust your policy even after purchase, you can breathe easy knowing that as your wedding plans evolve, so too can your insurance coverage.

From marquee cover to protecting against the effects of COVID on the wedding party, these add-ons can be the cherry on top of your well-planned wedding venue event.

Marquee Cover

For those enchanted by the idea of a marquee wedding, nestled in nature or on family grounds, marquee cover is a must. This add-on extends to all the unique components that make a marquee wedding magical, from the structure itself to the dance floor under your feet. While marquee cover comes with an additional fee, it’s a small price to pay for the security it provides against theft or damage from unpredictable elements like storms or floods.

Wedding Attire, Rings and other (included as standard)

The sparkle of wedding rings and the elegance of ceremonial attire are central to your day, and insuring these treasures ensures they shine without shadow. Coverage for ceremonial attire and rings acts as an invisible shield on the big day, guarding against the misfortune of damage or loss, allowing you and your partner to focus on the joy of the occasion.

Public Liability Insurance for Guests

When the champagne toasts begin, and the dance floor beckons, public liability insurance for guests ensures that any mishaps remain but a minor blip in your festivities. This coverage extends to all invited persons, providing a layer of protection against accidental injuries or third party property damage they might cause. While claims might range up to £5 million, not all policies cover events abroad, so it’s crucial to check the fine print, especially for destination weddings.

When to Purchase Wedding Insurance

Illustration of a calendar with a highlighted date for purchasing wedding insurance

Timing is everything, not just in love but also when purchasing wedding insurance. Ideally, you should secure your policy as soon as the question is popped, and the planning begins, ensuring that your deposits and early arrangements are covered. Most providers will backdate coverage for payments made up to a month before the policy purchase, offering a retroactive safety net that covers you from the moment you start booking your dream day.

Wedding Insurance for Destination Weddings

As the allure of destination weddings grows, so does the need for specialised wedding insurance. With providers like Emerald offering policies that include overseas weddings at no extra cost, your “I dos” abroad can be as secure as those at home.

Keep in mind, though, that while your wedding day events are covered, the journey there might require its own travel insurance, ensuring that every aspect of your destination wedding is safeguarded.

Tips for Reducing the Risk of Claims and Saving Money on Wedding Insurance

Prudent planning doesn’t just lead to a smoother wedding day; it can also reduce the likelihood of insurance claims and keep costs down. By taking practical steps, such as thoroughly vetting suppliers or considering an emergency fund, you can minimise the need to rely on your insurance policy. Remember, known issues or pre-existing conditions at the time of taking out the policy won’t be covered, so honesty and foresight are your best friends when it comes to wedding insurance.

Navigating the Claims Process: What to Expect

Should you need to make a claim, preparation is key. Keeping detailed records, like receipts and contracts, will help streamline the process and ensure a prompt resolution. Don’t just pay cash, as this can be difficult to prove if things go wrong,

Experienced handlers will review your claim, and while there’s no standard timeframe, the goal is always to get back to you swiftly, reducing any additional stress during what can already be an emotionally charged time.

Alternatives to Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance isn’t the only way to protect your investment. For instance, using a credit card for purchases can offer protection under the Consumer Credit Act, and some home insurance policies may cover wedding items – alternatives that might suit those with a manageable level of financial risk.

It’s all about finding the right balance between peace of mind and practicality.


We’ve walked down the informational aisle together, exploring the ins and outs of wedding insurance. From understanding policies and providers to choosing coverage options and navigating claims, we’ve covered it all. Read any wording carefully to check cover for venue cancellations, financial failure, professional counselling, wedding flowers, wedding gifts, other issues with wedding venues and anything like that. 

As you step forward in your wedding journey, remember that the right wedding insurance policy is like a trusted friend – there to support you when you need it most, ensuring that no matter what happens, your special day is protected.

And remember that you can get a quote in minutes from an award-winning wedding insurance provider HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is average wedding insurance UK?

On average, couples in the UK spend between a few tens of pounds to a few hundred pounds. It’s important to consider your specific needs and budget when choosing a policy.

Is it too late to get wedding insurance?

It’s not too late to get wedding insurance, but it’s better to purchase it as soon as possible to have cover in place for any payments and deposits made to suppliers. You can purchase cover up to 24 months from the wedding date, so the sooner you purchase, the better. You cannot buy cover if your wedding is within 14 days.

Do John Lewis still do wedding insurance?

No, John Lewis no longer offers wedding insurance as they stopped selling new policies in March 2020. If you are an existing policyholder, your coverage remains unaffected.

What exactly does wedding insurance cover?

Wedding insurance provides coverage for unexpected events such as cancellations, venue closures, supplier failures, and loss or damage to wedding-related items, but it usually excludes pre-existing medical conditions, certain mental health events, and global pandemics like Covid-19.

Can I change my wedding insurance policy after purchase?

Yes, you can change your wedding insurance policy after purchase by logging into your account or contacting customer service to add extras or amend your coverage as your wedding plans develop. Stay proactive and ensure your policy reflects your evolving needs.