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However, if you do want a good cover that isn’t John Lewis, then you can visit award-winning Emerald Life for your cover at our website for further information. And you can contact us by phone as well with the contact details that are on the website.

Make sure you have the right cover

With this blog, you review John Lewis wedding insurance and see what might that cover when you buy a policy.

John Lewis wedding insurance is provided by John Lewis finance, and is a comprehensive wedding insurance with many different levels for various weddings.

John Lewis is a well-known, UK based retailer that offers insurance for weddings. John Lewis offers John Lewis wedding insurance to cover the cost of any mishaps or accidents to you or any of the wedding party that may occur on your big day.

Introduction to John Lewis wedding insurance

If you are planning the big day, it is important to protect your guests and yourself from injury in case of accidents or unexpected incidents. One way to do this is by purchasing John Lewis wedding insurance for the occasion.

This will cover things like property damage or personal injury on site during the festivities and a lot more besides – wedding transport, wedding flowers, wedding rings, ceremonial attire, wedding gifts, and optional extras such as marquee cover or ceremonial sword cover (optional extras will require an additional premium for sword cover or marquee cover).

It’s not just matrimonial that need to worry about protecting themselves with a proper wedding insurance policy, maybe John Lewis wedding insurance; John Lewis is also a provider of other financial services and insurance cover – so you could have John Lewis insurance for your home too!

It may sound like overkill, but when you think of how much can go wrong on or before the day, it makes sense to take precautions so that you’re covered if anything does happen. You’ll want it if there’s an accident involving any of your guests.

How wedding insurance works

You can buy a policy with a one-off payment and you get immediate cover from the purchase date for things such as the insolvency of a supplier or anything else that might go wrong. If you change your mind, you can get a full refund if you cancel within 14 days. Unlike travel insurance, you do not need to declare any pre existing medical conditions, but you will need to get a separate travel insurance policy if you are honeymooning abroad or have the ceremony abroad.

Why it’s important to get John Lewis wedding insurance or another wedding cover

Planning the day can be overwhelming to say the least. With so many details and decisions, it’s important that you plan for all of them. Purchasing wedding insurance from a carefully selected, reputable company can be an important part of planning.

The liability part of the insurance can cover things like injuries or accidents caused by defective products, general accidental damage, illness of guests or third party activity on the premises.

Planning for this is an exciting time in a couple’s life. It is important to consider the health of your guests and make sure they are enjoying themselves. However, what if something happens on your property which could lead to costly lawsuits or tarnish their memories of the day, or where you need to make a claim?

For couples getting married, it may be a prudent investment to buy wedding insurance. Read on for more information about what this type of coverage entails and how protection may safeguard you.

What does wedding insurance protect?

This includes coverage for legal costs of any legal action up to certain limits and money values, and protection against damage to the venue. It may be particularly useful to someone holding their wedding reception in a high-value place such as listed mansions.

Insurance gives you cover if a guest, member of the wedding party or close relative attending caused personal injury to a third party or damage to their property, such as a glass of wine on the DJ’s speakers, a guest spills hot coffee on someone or damaged the equipment and the wedding event as a whole, or if there is a marquee and you damage that you can claim under marquee cover. Everything costs at weddings – even the flowers, so if your flowers don’t turn up you may be able to claim for those – a claim is not the same as having everything go right, but it does give you peace of mind.

What if I have to pay money?

If a compensation settlement was deemed necessary, insurance would potentially take care of the costs of the damages. Insurance is available for weddings and private events across the UK and around the world.

How is this different from other wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance covers a larger range of issues than event coverage, so if the venue you’re supposed to have your reception at burns down then it will cover that cost instead.

Outline of your cover

Other insured issues that wedding insurance covers include cancellation cover damage to a wedding cake or wedding gifts, theft of presents or money, damage to attire, insolvency of wedding suppliers, loss of wedding rings, either the bride or the groom falling ill, accidental loss of documents, loss of a wedding dress, damage to a wedding dress, non-appearance of your professional photographer, financial failure of a supplier, wedding venues going bust, bride and groom or family member becoming ill on the day or other specific circumstances. These are all covered under the one policy but do read your policy carefully to be clear as to exactly what is covered.

Many wedding insurance policies also include public liability cover as part of the wedding cover package for for some it is optional so do check.

Conclusion Part 1

It goes without saying that you want to have everything covered when it comes to your wedding, but one thing a lot of people forget about is cover for public liability. If something happens and the venue or caterer gets sued because they weren’t insured, then where does this leave you?

Worried you’ll need to cancel your wedding? Don’t let that happen to you, wedding insurance offers comprehensive coverage for many crisises.

What you need to know about your insurance

Planning a wedding that will be nothing but perfection entails careful planning and timely preparations. Insurance is a necessity, not only to cover unexpected circumstances, but also to reassure both you and your guests of the stability of your commitments.

What you need to know about John Lewis Wedding Insurance

John Lewis wedding insurance is a commonly purchased product to protect against wedding service suppliers going bust. It also covers the need to change a wedding date should one arise due to unforeseen circumstances.

Considering the average wedding now costs thousands of pounds, it is worth checking if you are financially covered.

Choosing the right insurance policy is important because it covers your wedding. There are a few things you should do, such as reading the wording for the policy.

You need to check that the basic valuations and coverage amounts for the big day are sufficient, and that there are the right optional extras for you, such as optional ceremonial sword cover if needed, and are reflected in the policy documents.

What does wedding insurance cover?

Your wedding may be the most important event of your life, and you want to make sure that preventative measures are taken to protect not only yourself but those who might not even share in the celebration.

Weddings policies cover a broad range of potential events that are central to your special day – so for example if you lost your venue before the wedding then that may be covered.

Why should we take out wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance could help protect you and your family from unforeseen circumstances such as injury or illnesses.

Your wedding insurance policy should include cover for the following potential occurrences:

  • wedding cancellation cover,
  • consequences of wedding cancellation,
  • damage to a wedding cake or wedding gifts, or wedding attire
  • theft of wedding presents, cake, rings or money,

The insurance in your home policy may cover a few wedding-related damages (such as rings), but given the many potential risks, it may be prudent to purchase dedicated wedding insurance.

Conclusion Part 2

One way you can ensure your wedding day goes smoothly is to get the correct insurance. Wedding insurance can help if something unexpected happens, like rain on the big day or a guest getting injured at your reception.

We have compiled a list of tips for finding and buying quality wedding insurance coverage that won’t break the bank. Have any of these points helped you in planning? We hope so! Of course you can also visit our website or phone us if you need any more detail on what we can do, price etc to give you peace of mine. After all, that’s our business and we pride ourselves in being a great point of contact when thinking about the cover you can manage, your public liability, the price you pay for that, and how you manage any mishaps.

Couples often spend months or even years preparing for this momentous occasion which can lead them to overlook small but important details like making sure that if something goes wrong during the ceremony they have enough money set aside so that nothing gets ruined by not having proper coverage.

There are many ways you can get good wedding insurance including through an independent broker who specialises in weddings, group plans offered by employers or other organisations.

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