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A wedding abroad can be one of the most memorable and enchanting experiences for a couple to have; however, weddings are expensive. If you plan on having your wedding abroad it is wise to seek some financial protection. Overseas wedding insurance will provide you with the protection needed to ensure your special day is as stress free as possible.

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Getting married?Why choose a wedding abroad?

More engaged couples choose to get married abroad, with the best reason being the place itself. In addition, the allure of another country’s landscape and culture when paired with the company of close friends and family makes the marriage abroad an attractive prospect for couples. 

Whilst the logistics of planning a wedding can appear as a burden, in some cases it may allow for a more memorable wedding to cost less. Lowered cost could be as a result of lower currency value or a different cost of living in comparison to the UK.

Popular destinations include: Europe (specifically Greece, Italy and Spain), Saint Lucia, Morocco, Bali, Mexico and Thailand.

How far in advance do I need to book a destination wedding?

Naturally, wedding planning will vary couple to couple; however, most couples schedule their weddings a couple years prior to the event. Whilst preparation for an oversees wedding may seem more complicated, the wedding insurance that is available at Emerald Life can help make your special day as stress free as possible. 

When it comes to reducing the burden wedding planning, especially for wedding abroad, we recommend familiarising yourself with destination of the overseas wedding and additionally hiring a wedding planner.

Preparation is key: What will I need? 

As previously mentioned tying the knot abroad is an incredibly rewarding and treasurable experience; nevertheless, it inevitably comes with a greater logistical burden. It is crucial that engaged couples are prepared with appropriate documents, such as: the relevant visas needed and a certificate of no impediment. 

Will I be able to have a same-sex marriage abroad?

Same-sex marriage outside of the UK is possible as long as there are no legal restrictions within the country of your chosen destination. For example, there would be legal limitations on hosting a wedding ceremony in Nigeria where same-sex relations are criminalised. Such restrictions would mean that not only would a wedding be legally impermissible, but wedding insurance would additionally be unattainable. 

Whilst hosting a ceremony in a country where same-sex relations is outlawed, it may be possible to host a blessing (or a non-official practice/non-legally binding celebration). However, we recommend reading up on the levels of tolerance your chosen country has towards gay and lesbian communities, alongside researching the local laws, before booking a wedding destination.

Is it possible for me to have my marriage recorded in the UK?

Through the Registry Office, you will be able to fill out an application form for a UK marriage. It is to be noted that this isn’t always necessary as the UK will already recognise your marriage abroad if it is legal within the UK itself and complies to the local laws of your wedding destination. 

Can I also have a wedding in the UK if I get married abroad?

Yes! Getting married in both the UK and abroad is possible and it is common amongst transnational couples who wish to have a ceremony in both of their respective countries.

Having a wedding in the UK and an additional wedding abroad is an increasingly common option, and you are free to decide whether you would like to have the legal ceremony in the UK and something symbolic symbolic abroad, or visa versa. 

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Travel Insurance 

You should note that your trip to the wedding day is not covered. Travel insurance policy is not included within our wedding insurance abroad policy. If you are looking for an additional travel insurance policy it would be wise to establish this as a separate policy with an additional provider.

The wedding party

While wedding parties that are hosted in the UK are covered by public liability insurance, weddings hosted abroad do not enjoy the same cover. However, many items of cover remain the same wherever in the world you are getting married. 

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What does insurance of weddings abroad cover?

You are covered to host your insured event at any worldwide destination, apart from those where Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office has advised against all, or all but essential, travel.

Cover in the case of bereavement?

At Emerald Life, our wedding insurance abroad policy will cover bereavement of a close relative. This includes grandparents, parents and siblings.

Respectfully, upon such an event your insurance provider will inquire information into the bereavement; requesting information such as the death certificate. 

To inquire into the specifics of bereavement cover for overseas weddings contact us through email or telephone. We are here to help clarify the specifics of your policy documents.

Ceremonial items 

Within our wedding insurance cover we include the financial compensation of damaged or missing ceremonial items. This can include: ceremonial attire, wedding ring (s), flowers, attendant’s gifts and the wedding cake.

Essential document indemnity

If you’re looking to get married abroad with ease it is crucial that you the required documents with you. 

Essential document indemnity refers to the documentation required by the relevant foreign authority for the wedding to take place if it is insured outside of the UK. Certain documents include, but are not limited too, visas, full birth certificate, a divorce certificate from previous spouse, adoption certificate and passports. 

Additionally, for weddings taking place abroad it is important that required documents like passports are renewed and are fit to use for travel. Getting married can be stressful enough as it is without the burden of an out of date passport.

In the event that these documents are damaged, lost, or stolen we can provide cover through our overseas wedding insurance cover.

What does it exclude?

Unfortunately, in the event that the engaged parties no longer wish to go ahead with their oversees wedding we will not be able to provide cover. Moreover, we will not be able to provide cover for illness in the event that someone has previously been diagnosed with a terminal prognosis, for pre-existing medical conditions, for participants who are neglecting medical advice, and if anyone is on a waiting list for hospital treatment or is awaiting the results of any medical investigations.

Cover for the public liability of marrying couples is not extended to the USA or Canada. Moreover, the Optional Marquee cover, Optional Ceremonial Swords Extension and Optional Liability cover is not cover weddings abroad

The optional £2million public liability extension for wedding guests which Emerald offers in additional policy documents to UK weddings, is not offered for weddings abroad.

At least one member of the couple must be a permanent resident of the UK, otherwise we will be unable to provide wedding insurance. 


Getting married abroad in a post-pandemic world has carried the additional risk of illness. However, upon the changing circumstances and lifting of restrictions the catching of COVID will no longer be covered within your insurance. If anyone from the engaged parties falls ill with Coronavirus on the big day, cover will not be available under your wedding insurance policy. Instead, cover for such an issue can be achieved at an extra cost, through purchasing our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cover Extension. 

if you have arrangements with an alternative provider it is worth inquiring into the policy wording, as wedding insurance abroad will differ provider to provider on what cover can be accessed.

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Our overseas wedding insurance covers the costs of rearranging the big day. The reimbursement of additional costs to rearrangement should be similar to the initial budget of the wedding. 

Wedding insurance abroad: a summary 

Destination weddings abroad can be one of the most precious and romantic experiences a couple can share. Whilst they require significant planning, they offer prove to be more cost efficient in comparison to UK based events. For example, the cost to rent out a luxurious hall in England would be much more expensive that renting a luxurious venue in Bali. Where the flights included within your trip can prove costly, this expense can be avoided through astute preparedness and in-advance booking.

Unlike typical weddings insurance policy which insures public liability, wedding insurance abroad excludes this policy. Additionally, we do not cover travel insurance. Travel insurance should be sought through an alternative policy and/or provider. Your weddings abroad insurance will only cover the wedding event itself as opposed to any additional endeavours, such as travel. 

We do provide cancellation cover in the light of an unforeseen, irrecoverable, and unpredictable event. You should take note that our wedding insurance policy does not provide cancellation cover for a wedding in which engaged parties no longer wish to proceed with the marriage. 

We wish you all the best for you special day here at Emerald! 

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