It’s not you. It’s me. Unfortunately insurance serves to protect against unforeseen and unavoidable events. For this reason, wedding insurance cannot cover changes of heart. Otherwise it is fair to say that plenty of insurers would go out of business, leaving no one to cover the increasing cost of weddings from turns of fate like supplier failure and discrimination.

While for many couples a break up while engaged can be devastating, wedding insurance covers events that are arguably more traumatic when a couple are on the brink of the big day with thousands of pounds invested in the ceremony and party of a lifetime, only for circumstances to change and suddenly plunge all plans into despair.

We get asked a lot about wedding insurance to cover break ups. Sadly the whole basis of the insurance world is that things change and no one can predict the future. While we cannot offer financial advice for such eventualities we can at least offer some non-FCA-regulated romantic guidance and suggest that if you are searching for wedding insurance to cover cold feet then perhaps you should project these concerns towards the wedding day itself.

Would it be better to wait a little longer to be sure? Maybe your wedding doesn’t need to be that expensive. Afterall, you are celebrating your love for each other and this can be achieved without breaking the bank.