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Why Emerald Life is suitable for your Wedding Insurance for Multiple Ceremonies?

At Emerald we are assisted by a team of insurance specialists to help ensure that your big day (and its succeeding celebrations) are safeguarded from the financial liquidation of a wedding vendor, last minute cancellation, and potential cosmetic damages to your ceremonial attire. From the ceremony to the venue we’ve got you covered. With our wedding insurance policy we are here to cover one official ceremony and up to two additional celebrations (which could be religious in nature).

Multi-event wedding cover is a useful policy to adopt when hosting a religious/continental specific wedding; such as an asian wedding which will naturally host a plethora of celebrations for the marrying couple. 

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Why Multi-Event Weddings?

Today, the prospect of hosting just one wedding ceremony does not suit the scale many wish to celebrate their big day. 

The extending of wedding celebrations enables the friends and family of the marrying couple to form truly special connections and authentic memories. The sequel of such celebrations will also enable the varying cultural distinctions between the couple to be addressed and celebrated. Essentially, a multiple event wedding will guarantee that both parties have their own cultural identities celebrated, validated and empowered through the choice of additional celebration. 

We’re here to make you big day as special as it possibly can be: whether you have decided to host your wedding sequel abroad or in the UK (or potentially a combination of both) here at Emerald there is an insurance policy fit for you! We’re here to help give both you and your partner peace of mind through covering the considerable financial outlay that is your wedding day.

Why would you need Multi-Event Wedding Insurance?

Whilst multiple weddings can be the perfect and most appropriate way for you to celebrate your newly established union, they almost always cost substantially more. Consequently, this will make wedding insurance, specifically multi-event wedding insurance, a financial imperative within protecting yourself from the significant outlay that is your wedding day.

The standard cover offered within a wedding insurance policy will often not cover the additional events hosted at a multi-event wedding. Particularly, if you are inquiring insurance with us here at Emerald the policy wording of our typical wedding insurance will neglect the coverage for multiple events: therefore, if you wish to establish this kind of insurance with us the purchase of an additional policy is highly advisable.

Moreover: in comparison to the organising of a traditional UK based wedding, the planning of a multiple event wedding is naturally much more nuanced. The intricacies of each event, whether that be the variations in entertainment or the differing number of guests, is something that needs to be accounted for. It is likely that each event will have a different cost and will come with its own set of specific risks. Such financial and aesthetic divergences between events make the extension policies available much more significant within establishing protection for your big day – or days!

Whilst our singular wedding insurance policy, in itself, covers a significant amount – from public liability to the damage of ceremonial attire – the insured sum available will deviate between the varying levels of insurance we offer: for example, our silver policy will offer £6,000 in cancellation cover whereas our supreme policy provides £80,000.

The varying levels of cover we offer has the intention of making our wedding insurance accessible to couples with alternate budgets and requirements. 

Please Note: our multi-event wedding insurance will only be applicable to those who are planning on hosting one ‘ceremony’ and two events (which may include a religious blessing) within a 21 day timeframe. 

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Policy extensions available 

As aforementioned, multiple-wedding insurance itself (the basis of this article) is an extension policy. However, owing to the complexities of your multiple day wedding it could be worth investigating additional extensions to cover the nuances of your special day!

Public Liability extension cover:

Picture this: you’ve tied the knot and you’re ready to party. You have rented out a Marquee for the wedding reception. Guests are arriving. The DJ has got people on the dance floor. The music is loud. The bar is busy. However, after a few too many drinks the maid of honour takes here dance to the table, slips and falls – and breaks a chair. The damage to venue property would leave her liable to charges. In such an event, a public liability extension cover would prove crucial within protecting your guests from financial penalty. 

Within your initial wedding insurance policy, you – the marrying couple, will automatically be covered by a public liability insurance. This will cover you from any damage or personal injury endured by a third party at your event. However, the liability cover addressed in your wedding insurance policy is not extended to your guests. 

Owing to the fact that your multiple event wedding will likely host a significant amount of guests – it would be wise to adopt a liability extension cover (of up to £2million) for your company; along with the increase in company there is often an increase to potential public risk. 

Marquee Extension cover:

Here at Emerald we provide cover for the use of Marquees. Specifically, we are here to provide compensation in the event that the Marquee you have hired falls victim to accidental damage on your big day.

Here are some of the listed conditions of our marquee extension cover:

  • our services will only be applicable in the event that the period of hire is no more than 5 days
  • cover is limited to the value of the marquee at the time of damage (or loss)
  • we do not cover insured events that occur outside the UK with this policy 

To read more on the issue of Marquee cover click HERE to access our policy wording. See page 20 to access the details on this form of extension cover.

Travel Insurance:

If you are looking to take your wedding oversees, or to take one of your multiple celebrations abroad – our standard wedding insurance will not cover your journey. Instead, we advise that you seek a separate policy which will insure you against the potential risks of travel (such as flight delays, loss of luggage and potential injury). You can get a quote for an Emerald travel policy HERE

In summary:

  • Our multiple event wedding insurance is designed for those who want to take their wedding celebrations to the next level. Not only will this policy extension be crucial within establishing insurance for their multiple events, but will simultaneously consolidate compensation for the variations in costs across the varying wedding venues.
  • We can only provide this extension if you are intent on having one official ceremony and two additional events – all of which will be hosted within a 21 day time frame.
  • Our primary wedding insurance comes in a variety of levels, in which each level obtains a diferent level of coverage for different premiums
  • We offer additional policies for the complexities of your multiple event wedding: such as public liability extension cover, marquee cover, travel insurance and many more.
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