Are you a hairdresser? If so, does your current insurance cover public liability for when accidents happen in the salon or if someone trips and falls on your property? There are many different types of policies available to help protect you from these circumstances. The best policy is one that fits with what you need and how much coverage you want.

This blog post will we hope be informative because it provides information about how hairdressers can get public liability insurance.

Living the dream

For many hairdressers, owning your own salon or business is the ultimate dream. However, owning your business, having business premises, being self-employed can be a stressful task.

The right insurance can help – business insurance, contents insurance, liability insurance etc – getting the right hairdressing insurance can be a nightmare. But thankfully Emerald is here to help with the liability part of hairdresser insurance


Your clients trust you with their hair and the health of their scalp. You know that a single mistake with that hair dye can have serious consequences on your reputation (and may result in a compensation claim), so it’s important to protect yourself against the risk of injury or damage by investing in public liability insurance for hairdressers.

Read this blog post to learn more about the benefits that come with being insured and how easy it is to make sure you’re protected.

When you think of what type of insurance a hairdresser needs, public liability insurance probably doesn’t come to mind. Mostly, with a hairdressing salon your mind is on haircuts, beauty treatments, styling products, hair products and the like.

But it’s an important part of the business and one that can be difficult to manage on your own. With our easy-to-understand guide on public liability insurance for hairdressers, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about this type of coverage so that you can make sure your salon is covered properly for any accidents or incidents while serving clients. 

Hairdressers have to deal with a lot of risks that most people don’t. For example, you’re putting your hands in someone’s hair all day long. You might be using chemicals or other substances that can cause chemical burns. There are also the potential hazards of scissors and clippers around their neck, as well as the risk of getting caught in a client’s clothing while they’re changing clothes. These are just some of the reasons why it makes sense for hairdressers to consider public liability insurance!


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