Wedding insurance is a form of protection for your wedding day. It will cover you if anything goes wrong, from the flowers not arriving on time to someone getting food poisoning. The last thing you want to do is worry about how much money it would cost to make up for an unforeseen circumstance and this insurance can help with that worry. 

The average wedding is an increasingly expensive affair so it’s important to be protected against any unexpected event that may add more stress or even ruin your special day when all you want is to protect your big day.

Wedding Insurance to protect the big day covers many things including lost deposits, cancelled guest rooms, missed flight arrangements, financial failure of wedding services suppliers, change of wedding date and other damages incurred by guests such as accidents at the venue or injury during the ceremony.

With all these benefits why wouldn’t anyone buy wedding insurance?

This blog does not rate the best wedding insurance provider but does give an overview of Wedinsure.

Your wedding – protect your big day

A wedding is the one day of your life that you want everything to go right. It’s heartbreaking when we’re forced to stand helplessly by as things start going wrong. If your anxiety is starting to creep in, don’t get stressed out: maybe it would be wise for you take some steps so that a mistake doesn’t ruin what is supposed

Wedding cover will give you added peace of mind with a single one off payment (plus insurance premium tax), which can be a small price to pay for a cost-effective way on your wedding day to make sure that the big wedding day goes without a hitch, or at least you have cover just in case.

How to start on wedding insurance?

Through this blog we will provide you with some useful information and tips on the key things to consider when taking out wedding insurance to protect your big day.

Why should you take out cover?

As with any major financial commitment you make, such as purchasing a car or home, it’s important to consider taking out wedding cover. You never know when something could go wrong and there is coverage in place just in case.

Wedding insurance covers a wide range of risks such as the following:

  • Cancellation cover – Cancellation through illness to you, your partner or a close family member (but read policy wording closely as the definition of close family member may vary)
  • Personal liability, with guest public liability included
  • Cancellation cover – Cancellation or rearrangement due to extreme weather conditions, impossibility of getting to the wedding venue
  • Financial protection due to failure of your wedding venue and wedding suppliers
  • Loss, damage or theft of items such as wedding rings, wedding cake, damage to ceremonial attire, wedding rings, photography and wedding gifts
  • Public Liability for the wedding participants and for guests

What doesn’t wedding insurance cover?

Unfortunately, wedding insurance will not cover you in the event that you change your mind and decide not to tie the knot!

Travel needs to be sorted separately

Likewise honeymoons and travel aspects are not covered. For that, you should consider travel insurance.

Pre-existing medical conditions

Most policies will also have exclusions relating to pre-existing medical conditions.

All policies on the market exclude claims and losses arising from any pandemic or epidemic, or related government act. These can include Covid-19, for which every provider will have a geographical restriction and general exclusion enshrined in their policy.

Therefore, you should thoroughly read through your policy documents to ensure any exclusions are covered.

How much does wedding insurance cost?

Planning a wedding can be challenging for both you and the vendor. Prices vary significantly from supplier to supplier, so it is important that you have an idea in mind before starting to estimate what your total budget will look like.

Is all wedding insurance worded the same way?

We cannot tell you which wedding insurance provider to use, but we can tell you about the terms that each company offers.

When should you buy wedding insurance?

Most couples start planning their wedding or civil partnership well in advance. Once you start planning your wedding you will most likely have a rough idea of when you would like the big day to take place.

What sort of wedding costs will need covering?

Have a think about all these things and see what your cover protects you for:

  • Venues
  • Caterers
  • Ceremonial attire ts etc
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Photographers
  • Marquee or ceremonial swords
  • Flowers
  • Other wedding services suppliers

Dealing with Suppliers

Do your research on all your wedding suppliers before you sign any contracts or pay over any money to minimise the risk of financial failure and make sure that you have the best comprehensive cover.

Look for customer reviews and feedback online to see what others thought about their service. Check their Facebook page and other social media accounts such as Instagram, Pintrest and Twitter. Search on Google to check out any news, information or reviews etc. Look to see if they use Trustpilot, Feefo or another reviews platform.

Check out their website and make sure they have a verified address and method of contact such as phone and email etc.

Although it may seem like a good idea to go for the cheapest offer, you should not make your decision based solely on price.

If I pay wedding suppliers by credit card am I covered?

Under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, anything you purchase worth between £100 and £30,000 on a credit card could be covered through your card provider.

This product is designed to cover the cost of between you and your supplier if there was a breach in contract. It does not provide any additional coverage for costs that might arise due to caused by other circumstances, although there are some product features that apply exclusively to weddings.

In the event of cancellation caused by someone falling ill, personal and public liability, loss or damage to key things such as ceremonial attire, gifts, cake, flowers, photography etc. So taking out insurance is still the best way to ensure you have adequate protection in place in the event things do go wrong.

More about Wedinsure

Wedinsure has been around for a few years now, and it is one of the most talked about wedding insurance companies. This article will discuss Wedinsure’s history, what they do, and whether or not you should get Wedinsure coverage.

Background to Wedinsure wedding insurance

Wedinsure wedding insurance provides financial protection in the event of a catastrophe. They offer coverage for weddings and civil partnerships up to £50,000.

Note that there are no higher cover levels unlike some other insurers. If you did want to have a higher cover level then you may need to look elsewhere.

What is wedding insurance?

Wedinsure is not alone in offering wedding cover. But what does it cover, including with Wedinsure?

For your wedding or civil partnership and wedding recept, you can have the following protection with a Wedinsure (or Emerald, or other, policy)

Some of the key benefits of Wedinsure’s wedding cover are:

  • 10 levels of cover from £6,000 to £100,000
  • Cancellation/rearrangement due to illness, injury or death of the wedding participants or a close relative
  • Cancellation/rearrangement due to adverse weather conditions such as a floods and snow and natural catastrophe
  • Financial protection if any of your wedding suppliers go bust
  • Loss, theft or damage of key items such as the ceremonial attire, wedding gifts, rings, flowers and cake
  • £2m Personal Liability (Can be extended to cover guests under the Optional Public Liability Extension for an additional premium)
  • Nil excess on Section 1 of the policy for Cancellation, Curtailment and Rearrangement
  • Optional extra’s available including Marquee Cover, Ceremonial Swords and Public Liability extension to £2m.

Wedinsure partners with White Horse Insurance to create a wedding product for customers planning a wedding in the UK.