The wedding dress is one of the most important pieces of attire for a woman’s special day. The gown symbolises the excitement of the day and beauty, but it also has to be practical as well as fit in with your personality and style. Wedding dresses can be extremely expensive, which is why you should consider purchasing insurance to protect this investment. 

Wedding dress insurance will cover damages or theft that occur while you are wearing the dress at your wedding reception or any other time before a final fitting, when it will then become your property. This coverage has several levels per incident and includes loss due to fire or flood damage; accidental damage; irreparable tearing; soiling and many other things.

It’s your big day

Wedding dress insurance is protection against the unthinkable. But what if your wedding gown was stolen, burnt or stained? Wedding dress insurance is a way to protect yourself financially and emotionally in those cases. 

No one plans for these things to happen, but they do! Wedding dress cover will help you get your dream gown back on track with peace of mind.

If you have a damaged or lost wedding dress, it can be difficult to find another one that fits as well as yours did- so with this type of coverage, you’ll still be able to walk down the aisle looking like a princess! 

Wedding dresses are an investment and need proper care and attention throughout their lifespan; wedding dress insurance is just another way of keeping them

What about a wedding insurance policy

Planning a wedding can be expensive. You have to worry about the venue, catering, flowers, music and so much more. One of the most important decisions you will make is choosing your dress – and it needs to be perfect!

But what if disaster strikes? What if your wedding gown gets lost or ruined before the big day arrives? Dress insurance can help protect that investment for you.

What about other wedding attire?

Wedding attire in general should be protected if it is expensive and so wedding insurance policies are something that you should consider. Attire can also include the outfits of the wedding party as well, so it is worth considering the level of cover that you require on your wedding day, as well as the total cost of ceremonial attire.

The total cost of all these can add up so if you get cover, check in your standard policy documents for the details

Should I get a wedding insurance policy?

If you are thinking of wedding insurance then check out Emerald Life – whether you are the bride or the groom, or just the person hading over the money, it’s important to have your costs protected, and wedding insurance can do that.

With wedding insurance, that perfect dress can be looked after, as can the bridesmaids’ outfits and even that of the best man.

Remember that general wedding insurance covers so much more than just the dress!

Wedding insurance covers a wide range of risks such as the following:

  • You can also get cancellation insurance for illnesses in yourself, your spouse (or a close family member). A key word to watch out for is that the definition of “close family member” may vary.
  • Cancellation cover – the insurer may also assume the responsibility to cover any incidental expenses incurred when a cancellation or rearrangement is due to extreme weather conditions, such as impossibility of getting to the wedding venue on the big day.
  • Financial protection due to insolvency of your venue and wedding suppliers prior to the wedding day.
  • Loss, damage or theft of items such as wedding rings, wedding cake, damage to ceremonial attire, wedding rings, photography and wedding gifts
  • Public Liability for the wedding participants and for guests on the big day – although overseas weddings are not covered.

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