Our wedding dress cover is here to ensure that your bridal gowns are protected in the event that accidental or malicious cosmetic damage should occur. 

Now that again but in non-insurance jargon, we’re here to make sure that you not only look, but also feel beautiful on your wedding day. Whether you go for straps, non woven, backless, fishtail, a suit, or traditional gown, we’re here to safeguard the financial outlay of ceremonial attire. 

What is Wedding dress cover and how can I purchase it?

Firstly, wedding dress insurance is something that we offer here at Emerald. However, it cannot be purchased as an individual policy; instead, it is already available within our wedding insurance – under the coverage of ceremonial attire. 

This page is dedicated to addressing some frequently asked wedding dress insurance questions, as well as seeking to provide some advice on wedding dress maintenance. 

Want to know more about what is covered within our wedding insurance policy or get a quote click HERE – or better yet, get in touch with our team on 0330 113 7109 or email us at customerservice@emeraldlife.co.uk. We do the details so you don’t have to!

Deciding on the right dress for you

It goes without saying that deciding on the right wedding dress for you is a highly personal journey and that the advice of a wedding insurance provider might seem a bit out of place when it comes to helping you find the right dress. But, here at Emerald we are here to support every part of our customers big day!

Feeling worried about your wishlist? One thing we can recommend is going into the hunt with an idea of what accessories, fit and price are flatter your needs. 

Finding the dress of your dreams is definitely achievable within a budget; we have seen from former customers that additional tailoring and can prove cost effective in the long-run and still provide stunning results!

Dress preservation – avoiding hiccups before the Big Day!

Keeping your dress fresh and ready for the big day is a task that can require a lot of effort; especially if you live in a busy, family-packed home. We advise that bridal gowns are kept safe in a dress bag to prevent them from becoming folded and creased. The use of a dress bag will also prevent the dress from becoming damaged by dust, and further shield your gown from other forms of impairment (such as moth bites).

Say Yes To The Dress

Want to achieve some catharsis from the stressful endeavour that is wedding dress shopping: we can recommend Gok Wan’s ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ to take your mind off it. A heart-warming, yet rather dramatic reality TV show that depicts the emotional odyssey behind a brides purchasing of a dress. 

From dress dilemmas to a wobbly wishlist: each episode relays the behind the scenes bickering amongst opinionated family members, to finding breathable sizes, as well as the burden of budgeting – This is a show we think a lot of our customer brides will relate to! 

  • Click HERE to access the ‘Say Yes To The Dress[‘s]’ youtube homepage.

Here’s one of our favourite episodes: Say Yes To The Dress

Common Wedding Dress insurance concerns

What happens in the case where the business I have hired my ceremonial attire/ wedding dress has gone bust?

In the event that your vendor has gone bust or has been liquidised, our wedding insurance is here to protect you against such financial loss. The sizes of our insurance coverage will depend on the premium you chose to invest. Regardless, all of our available insurance offer’s a great deal of cover (ranging from a £3,000 coverage on ceremonial attire, as detailed within silver insurance, to a £18,000 cover on our supreme). 

What happens if the dress is destroyed or damaged before the big day

In such an event – we are here to not only register your claim, but to listen. Naturally, policy providers will have a varying criteria for a claims journey, so it is important to check the wording of your policy of purchase. However, here at Emerald Life we offer protection in the scenario that your dress falls victim to cosmetic damages upon events that are unpredictable and out of your control.

Read our policy wording (click ‘HERE‘ to access the document). Page 13 of the document will address the criteria for a claim made on behalf of damaged ceremonial attire.

I’m taking my wedding outside the UK, will my dress still be covered?

If you are planning on having an oversees celebration we can provide cover for your special day. With a beautiful dress to match a beautiful location – we have got you covered. Our wedding insurance, and thus the cover we can provide for your dress, is extended to those special weddings that happen outside the UK and beyond.

In summary

We’re here to offer wedding dress cover! This form of cover itself is not a separate policy; however, your dress and ceremonial accessories should be automatically covered within our wedding insurance policy (under the section of ‘ceremonial attire’). 

Our product comes in various levels that range from budget friendly insurance – to expansive heights of coverage, making your big day as stress free as possible!

Want to get in touch to secure your big day against against the unexpected. Feel free to get in touch! Our contact details are: customerserviceemeraldlife.co.uk , or if your preferred method of communication is telephone, you can reach us on 0330 113 7109.