Public liability insurance Northern Ireland can protect you against the costs of any accidents that happen on your premises. If a visitor on your premises is injured, they may make a claim for compensation from either you or their insurer if it turns out that there’s no public liability cover in place.

You’ll want to make sure you have the right protection in place and this article will help explain what kind of coverage you need.Remember that it might need to be separate from any business insurance that you might have.

Having a public liability policy is an important part of any company or individual risk management and particularly when it comes to events, whether they are at the location or on your property.

Even though you may not want to spend the money up front, public liability insurance is a wise expense for any event organiser. Whenever there are winners and losers and accidents happen, public liability insurance can protect organisers from lawsuits or financial risks such as contribution requirements. Whether a company or individual, you may need public liability insurance.

Of course if you have a business then first check if it is covered within your business insurance. Most businesses will have something in place (even a sole trader or self-employed) but as a business you should check the scope of your business cover

This article

This article explores the steps you can take to buy your next public liability insurance policy or how others have successfully offset the cost of one for their event.

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Public liability insurance protects you from legal responsibility for injury or damages that you cause to other people or their property.

Businesses, owners of events, conference organisers and similar types of event holders usually take out public liability insurance before hosting commercial or private events.

Public liability insurance policies are suitable for any occasion, from birthdays to weddings, anniversaries, and work dos.

What does a public liability policy cover?

Emerald’s public liability insurance cover is a valuable policy that offers coverage for legal claims and property damage related to events. The standard policy provides some protection from third-party expenses, compensation payments and compensation costs or legal fees.

Additional coverage can be purchased if desired or needed to match your individual or business needs – it is essential to consider for a business running smoothly.

Like pet insurance NI, public liability can be provided across the whole of the UK.

Is there more?

Public liability insurance ensures that you are covered if any person is injured or killed on your property. It also pays for legal costs should you be sued because of an accident happening on your property.

The cost for this type of coverage is fairly affordable because it’s often included in homeowner’s policies along with other types of protection such as personal property damage, fire, theft, etc.. Of course that does not work if you are also a business owner – you will need to declare if you’re a business owner and in that case business cover is excluded from home cover, particularly if your business premises is in the home.

For gatherings you may want a standalone insurance plan, and that’s where Emerald can help.

Protecting you from claims

Public liability insurance is a form of commercial insurance that protects an individual or business against claims or lawsuits in cases involving people injured on their premises.

It covers both bodily injury and property losses (including fees and costs) for which the insured may be liable. The policy has limits and typically pays for damages up to that stated limit (for example, £1 million) per occurrence.

A public liability insurance policy is designed to cover you for physical injuries or property damage that occur when someone with whom you have direct contact while on site, as the result of an accident at your event, slips and falls off a staircase due to debris in the parking lot.

Should I need it, is it possible to get one-off event insurance?

Do you need one-off event insurance? The answer is it – it depends on what your needs are.

Consider exploring your options for a public liability insurance. It may be a little cheaper to get a one day event policy, or you could buy an annual public liability policy that lasts the entire year and protects you from lawsuits, errors, and accidents related to events such as sporting events.

If you get a one-day event insurance quote, also consider annual coverage rather than taking the risk of being uninsured for anything beyond that day.

How do I go about getting it and what can it cover?

Before considering public liability cover for one day event insurance what else might you need?

The following might be part of the policy, or might be available as an additional part of the policy:

  • cancellation cover, but also check with your event organiser as to their own cover for event cancellation
  • product liability or other issues – for example, are you serving food or using off-site caterers – which may cover compensation claims in that case
  • employers liability insurance (sometimes called employers liability insurance cover)
  • business insurance depending on what you are doing on the day
  • business interruption cover


There are many different types of liability cover available for events to protect you against various different events.

This is one type that protects you, your event or your business from damages, completion costs, legal proceedings, business interruption and the like if someone gets injured on the premises or at an event, or objects on your property cause injury to a third party like in cases where they slip and fall. Maintaining public liability insurance is one way to protect yourself – and something every business owner should consider.

Like any insurance policy, public liability is designed to provide protection in the event of a crisis. If you’re considering purchasing this kind of coverage for your business or event, make sure you understand what it fully covers and how much risk protection it provides before deciding if it’s for you.

Get a few public liability insurance quotes before deciding. You may want to consult an expert before making a decision about buying public liability insurance because there are many options available with different levels of coverage at various price points.

Make sure your business stays protected by taking care of its risks today and by speaking to Emerald, one of the leading insurers in the area, to see if we can provide cover that suits you.


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Public Liability FAQs

Can you get one day liability insurance?

Short term policies are cheaper, but it may be beneficial to purchase a longer coverage policy that suits your needs better.

As with any insurance policy, it is important to understand what coverage you are paying for. Always compare the event insurance proposal with annual coverage rather than just accepting a one-day rate.

Can anyone get public liability insurance?

If you’re holding a public event, it’s likely that you will need public liability insurance from Northern Ireland. Events like these may be legally required by the venue owner or for equipment hire.

How much should public liability insurance cost?

This will depend on the coverage that you want. Normal levels are £1m, £2m, £5m and £10m, although £10m should only be needed rarely.

What is the minimum public liability insurance?


Anything else I should know about public liability insurance?

The importance of public liability insurance should not be underestimated for any event or business, especially when it comes to events like birthdays.

While it can often seem like a luxury when you’re looking to cover your event, public liability insurance will protect you from any financial risks stemming from accidents.

To make sure your policy covers everything, ask questions such as if the provider includes legal fees in the event you’re sued and if it’s valid for a single or all events.

Don’t forget to talk to Emerald and see if we can help you out to make sure that all your needs are covered with our award winning service!