Emerald Life Coronavirus


Due to the coronavirus and concerns about public health, we have had to suspend sales of new wedding insurance policies. We are actively assessing the situation and this restriction may change in the near future. Please check back daily. We apologize and regret any inconvenience.

If you would like us to inform you when the wedding sales suspension is lifted, please leave your details HERE.

For existing customers, be assured your coverage and policy remain in place and unchanged.

If you have any questions please call: 0330 131 9950 or email:

To assist existing customers in their understanding of what might be, and what is not, covered under an Emerald Wedding Policy in relation to covid-19/coronavirus ("coronavirus"), please note the following:

  • If a wedding venue is specifically closed by the authorities because of an outbreak of contagious/infectious disease (including coronavirus) then this may give rise to an eligible claim if it becomes necessary to cancel or rearrange the wedding. However, if the government were to introduce a general law or regulation, for example banning large groups from assembling or quarantining a city, town or region, then there would be no cover as Emerald’s policy wording expressly excludes liability arising from a change in law or change in regulation.
  • If flights are cancelled or delayed because of a coronavirus issue, then this is not covered under an Emerald wedding policy. A wedding policy covers the event itself not travel to the event, and so customers should check their travel insurance in this case.
  • If one of the wedding participants or one or more close relatives falls seriously ill (including with coronavirus) then this may give rise to an eligible claim if it becomes necessary to cancel or rearrange the wedding.
  • If the UK (or other) government advises against travel to the country of the wedding, then as above that is a travel-related issue and a customer would need to look at their travel arrangements.
  • If a number of guests decide (for their own reasons) not to travel to a wedding abroad, or in the UK, then this would not be a claim for cancellation under a wedding insurance policy.
  • If you choose in light of current circumstances to delay or cancel your wedding, that is a voluntary act and not covered by your policy. We will however extend your wedding insurance to a future date where we can.

Please note that in all cases, there are terms and conditions that will apply to any claim being approved, for example if you have not given accurate information, or already knew about a particular issue before taking out wedding insurance (which would therefore not be covered). This note is for guidance only and customers who have a wedding policy should always ring the claims helpline for clarification before taking any action.