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As a community, it is important to keep abreast of what is happening in the world, both good and bad, on issues that involve diversity and inclusion. As a company that places the LGBT community, women and non-traditional families at the heart of everything we do, we wanted to create a place within our website where elevant issues and Emerald's views could be reflected.

Emerald Connect is a great place to stay informed on topical news stories, current campaigns, matters surrounding insurance, seasonal events, the great work that our charity partners are doing and what is happening here at Emerald. We are passionate about delivering the most current and best-sourced information to our community and if there is anything else that you think we should cover, then simply sign up to receive our Emerald Connect newsletter and give us your feedback.

Emerald Connect shows top equality news stories, our global calendar of relevant events, latest blogs, Facebook posts and tweets all in one place.

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As a company that encourages advocacy for equality across the insurance sector, Emerald is keen to give its thoughts. While we encourage people to buy our insurance, we want to do that in a framework of generally working for equality, both here and abroad. Social media is a powerful tool, particularly in communities that are disparate or where it can be difficult to obtain information on LGBT or women's issues through other media. We use social media in order to engage, both with our customers and those in the community at large. These dialogues are important for us and we hope you as well.

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In our blog, we offer in-depth thoughts on LGBT-related matters, women and family issues, insurance challenges and, of course, insurance issues! We provide views from subject matter experts, the Emerald team, external advisers and consultants, our charity partners, and others with informed points of view. While the content may be summarised for our social media posts, our blog section is where we give you more in-depth coverage.


Keen to find out more on the best events in your area? Want to know what is happening globally within your community? Help is at hand. Scroll through our list of national and international events. You'll find key charity, entertainment and cultural dates for your diary.

You can navigate content by event type and look at past, current and upcoming events.

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For more information on how we listen to the our community, take a look at our T-Squad page and LGBT Families page.