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“Emerald’s Global Outreach

Find out how we are helping LGBT refugees in Africa”


Then if you hover over that you get bigger (but much more condensed than now) text


“Every Emerald Life customer can support this initiative by using the code 50FUND to give 5% of their premium to the 50Fund. 100% of these contributions go to grassroots organisations working with LGBT+ refugee programs in Africa. The main beneficiary is XXXXXX, which does YYYYYY. Based in Cape Town, it works throughout Southern Africa to provide support, advocacy and shelter for LGBT+ refugees who are in immediate and serious danger.

“Helping Those Living With HIV
Find out how Emerald helps Terrence Higgins Trust”

Emerald has the most HIV-friendly insurance policies in the UK, where those living with HIV no longer have to declare it when they take travel insurance. Emerald has also worked on access to financial services generally for those living with HIV. Every Emerald Life customer can support Terrence Higgins Trust – the UK’s largest HIV and sexual health charity – directly but using the code THT10 when they buy, giving 10% of their premium to THT..