Searching for home insurance is a pain. You trawl every comparison site, weigh up different levels of cover and have to add up just exactly how much baggage you have burdened your life with and now have to protect.

Declined For Home Insurance Online

If you live in a flood risk area then you can add to that the great disappointment when you are completing a quote only to get an automatic decline. 

The internet is a fantastic tool even for a task as boring as insurance. But unfortunately for many big insurers consumers have to fit the right mould to be accepted for their policies. Thousands of people simply push the right buttons and get their home and contents insured.

But what about anyone who doesn’t fit the mould? If you are looking for flood insurance then you need to talk to real people and not just click buttons on a screen. EmeraldLife was started with just such people in mind – people who do not fit the standard insurance model of a perfect nuclear family in a perfect house. 

Non-Standard Home Insurance

Now we can’t promise we’ll cover everything. But we do work with non-standard underwriters who specialise in providing insurance for unique and special circumstances.

Flood risk insurance is one of those instances when we will go the extra mile to negotiate a policy if we possibly can, and hopefully with just a small increase in premium. Most of the time this works for people in lower flood risk areas who face an automatic decline when applying for insurance online. If your home hasn’t actually flooded but you live near a river or reservoir then this could be you.

Whatever your flood risk, phone our call centre today and see what we can do to get you the right cover. 

But what about high flood risks?

If your home has actually been flooded recently then you probably already know the difficulty of getting insurance. These specialist policies tend to be very expensive, but fortunately a new Government backing means your premium could be coming down very soon.

The reinsurance scheme Flood Re was set up by the Government for insurance providers to pass on the expense of insuring high-risk flood properties, thus leaving consumers with lower premiums. In October it announced a further reduction for January 2019 that it said would result in a reduction of between £44 and £112 for a combined building and contents policy.

Shop Around For The Right Insurance Deal

Andy Bord, chief executive of Flood Re, said: “I am delighted today to announce that we will help to make flood cover even more affordable for those most at-risk of flooding by reducing our premiums.

“Our detailed analysis has found that we can reduce our charges to insurers, whilst maintaining a strong financial position and remaining able to respond to significant flooding in future.”

He continued: “If some households in flood-prone parts of the country have previously not taken out home insurance for cost reasons, we hope that this move may encourage them to obtain cover. Consumers should always shop around to get the right deal for them.”