Do you need family legal protection on home insurance? As with all insurance, you don’t really know you need it until something happens. At that point, you are suddenly very grateful you had cover.

Of course, it is also easy to get sold a lot of add-ons you don’t need when looking for home insurance. So is family legal protection worth it? You will see a lot about it when looking to buy your core home cover, so it is worth at least having look to see if there’s something in there that you might find useful.

However, there is another way. At Emerald Life, we take the guesswork out by offering £50,000 of family legal protection for free with our home insurance.

Is it as good as the legal expenses cover you would pay for with other brands? In most cases yes indeed – and we have some other benefits that are not included in any other legal expenses policy.

We think that our legal expenses cover is important for you to have, so we pay for your legal cover out of our own commission that we receive from our underwriters. Emerald Life was started to make a difference in the world of insurance by helping more people from more diverse backgrounds. We believe that family legal cover is a great way to offer our customers more protection – whatever your ‘family’ looks like.

This includes a 24/7, 365 legal helpline. That means qualified legal advice when you need it. No professional fees or appointments, just a phone call.

What’s more is our policy wording defines an insured person as not just the policy holder but also family members living with them at the property. That means everyone should be able to claim for most insured events, subject to that wording.

Do You Need Family Legal Protection On Home Insurance? What’s Covered

As a forward-thinking insurer, we wanted legal cover fit for the modern age. You can find full details and terms and conditions of cover in our policy wording. Legal expenses insurance is covered towards the bottom of the document.

We therefore offer discrimination cover where if you’re refused a product or service in breach of the 2010 Equalities Act we may be able to help.

Similarly, we cover social media defamation and online trolling.

We can even help with criminal prosecution defence, providing you have not broken the law and a qualified professional believes you have a reasonable chance of success.

Unfair dismissal at work can also be contested with our legal expenses cover. So if in the future you lost your job and felt the decision was not correct, you could all our legal advice helpline to find out if you could make a claim. If so, the legal fees for the process could be covered by your insurance.

Then there are personal injury claims where if you have been harmed by negligence (excluding medical) you could also have a valid claim.

These and similar claims could be covered up to your legal expenses total of £50,000. That could be a huge relief should the worst happen. In many circumstances you may have had to seek expensive legal advice before finding out if you had a valid case and would then need to find the money to progress with legal action. Of course there are terms and conditions to our cover but we try to be as helpful as possible.

Instead with advice just a phone call away and a significant amount of legal expenses covered, Emerald Life could help you get the justice you deserve without spending any extra on your home insurance policy. So we hope that when you consider the question ‘Do You Need Family Legal Protection On Home Insurance?’ then the answer should be yes.

Article: Do You Need Family Legal Protection On Home Insurance?