Every day, there are more and more products on the market that will help protect your home. Home security systems have come a long way in recent years. With new advancements in technology of home protection, you can now use smart devices to monitor what is happening at home when you’re not there! Home alarms allow you to be notified if someone is breaking into your house, or if water leaks start developing inside of your walls. There are also plenty of other gadgets like motion sensors for exterior lights that detect movement outside of the property line – all these different types of gadgets will make it easier for homeowners to feel safe and protected in their own homes.

How can I make my house more secure UK?

Having good home protection measures in your house is useful for both peace of mind and also for saving money when buying home insurance. Having a burglar alarm is a useful way to keep your house same when you or your family are away from the house. Some burglar alarms will also protect you wile you are at home, by being attached to a front door or any entry point to thr house the alarm can be set while a family is in the house providing no one is planning to go in or out of the property.

Security cameras are also a good way to protect your house. While cameras wont do anything to keep a burglar out it will help you identify the burglar if they do get into your house. Placing cameras in strategic places around the outside of your property can help you keep an eye on who is coming and going from your house, as well as deterring any potential burglars.

Another way to protect your home is by having a good quality lock on your door. Having windows and door frames kept secure with good locks will decrease the chances of the burglar being able to enter your residence even with tools.

Criminals will sometimes use social media accounts as a way of checking if you are at home. If you have a social media mobile app on your phone you should be careful who you notify that you are away from your home. By keeping your personal information secrety you will have an easier time of keeping other criminals away from your family home.

How do I protect my home from intruders?

Burglar proof locks

The best way to protect your property and your family from the threat of burglars is to install good quality locks on all your doors and windows. Other factors like having security camera and burglar alarm will help keep your property secure but, good locks will gaurentee burglars a hard time trying to enter.

Locks should be secure on all areas includong places like your garage door which can sometimes be electronically hacked. A phisical lock should be in place behind the garage door to assure even if the sliding doors are hacked open you will still be able to keep home protection.

Burglar alarm

An alarm can be a useful way of keeping burglars out and protecting your property. It can be time consuming to set up an alarm as the security system will likely be put on all windows and doors.

Home security has a huge range of products you can use to keep your home secure, and the more you have the more protected you and your valuables will be.

An alarm will not give the burglars enough time to access your house looking for valuables. Local authority will be notified while an alarm doesnt stop break ins the good news is it will likely limit chance of them taking an item of value.

How can I protect my home without a security system?

Alarms are a useful part of a home protection plan to install on your house but not all people can afford a security system in their home. You may want to look at installing a camera on your property. Some brands like ring doorbell are useful if you want to protect your new home while also functioning as a doorbell. In some circumstances even if the security camera does not work, just having a camera on your estate is enough to provide protection to your house.

To have more security at a lower cost you should be alert at the potential openings for burglars through doors or windows. Always make sure you leave doors and windows closed or locked when your house is not occupied. Even while occupied any door or window that can be locked should be.

If you have a new home you will be more suseptible to robbery, if your estate appears to display objects of value you will be a bigger target. The best way to stop burglars is to avoid them all together so by not displaying items of value in clear view you will reduce the chance of forced entry.

Do you need home and Home insurance?

Insurance for your home will come at a cheaper cost if you have good home security in place. Having good protection on your estate will lower the risk involved which will make you safer and lower your insurance costs. Emerald Life is an award winning insurance provider, if you are looking to get your home and contents isnurance today give us a call on


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