Emerald Life is pleased to offer home insurance legal expenses cover entirely free with its home insurance policies.

In fact, we pay for that cover ourselves out of our commission from our underwriters. That is because we believe home insurance is about looking after you and not just your home.

What Is Legal Expenses Cover in Home Insurance?

Legal expenses cover looks after your legal costs if you are sued, get involved in a legal dispute, or have to make a claim against another person, persons, company, organisation or tradesman.

Subject to terms and conditions, our home insurance legal cover policy protects you for a number of common issues such as consumer disputes, tax investigations or identity theft.

In these cases the legal expenses cover can help with legal costs, although as always you should call the claims line number in the policy wording before committing to any expenses. Legal expenses cover is there to help you in these cases of unforeseen legal disputes.

Moreover, it can also help you pursue claims such as unfair dismissal at work or a discrimination case if a service provider refuses to serve you in a breach of the Equalities Act.

Most home insurance legal cover provides general assistance with small-claims and legal documents. It can also extend to financial advice if you find yourself in debt.

What Is Included In Legal Expenses Cover?

These are just bullet points on the cover in our policy wording. You can find the full wording about halfway through, after the main policy wording.

We cover:

  • Civil claims for bodily damage or death
  • Refusal of services or products in contravention of the Equality Act 2010.
  • Unfair dismissal at work
  • Identity theft – we can pay to defend claims from financial institutions, shops and debt collectors if you have been wrongly impersonated. We can help rectify your credit report and provide documents to prove your innocence
  • Debt advice and bankruptcy assistance
  • We offer a legal advice helpline
  • Social media defamation.

You’ll notice that very little of this is about your home itself. Legal expenses cover is more about protecting the people that make up your family group. We think that the people in the home are just as important, and giving you this cover for free is our way of thinking you for using Emerald.