Whether you own or rent, live in a house or a flat, live on your own, with your partner or a group of friends, when disaster strikes, your worldly possessions and the things you love the most need protection. That’s why having a good home & contents policy is vital.

Emerald Life offers home & contents insurance providing peace of mind for disasters, accidents or general mishaps (we’ve all been there…) that can occur in your home. Here are five examples which could leave you significantly out of pocket if you don’t have proper insurance…

Fire – over 20 incidents per day in Central London!

In Westminster alone over a rolling year period from June to June there were 7,417 callouts made to the London Fire Brigade. That’s over 20 incidents per day. A fire in the home is just about as bad as it gets, and it’s not an exaggeration to say you might find all your possessions lost in a matter of minutes. It would be a life event that you never forget.

If you own, you need Home Insurance for your bricks and mortar, as the structural damage caused by a fire could be significant and you may end up with obligations to your neighbours as well. If you rent, your landlord will already have this (although we advise you to check, just to be certain), but you will need Contents cover to replace everything you own that’s damaged or lost in the fire: furniture, clothes, gadgets, your personal keepsakes and your paintings.

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With Emerald Life, your building can be covered for rebuild costs up to £1.5 million.  Remember that is not the market value but the costs of the building project, so by and large most properties are covered by this. In addition, your possessions can be covered up to £150,000. We will also provide you alternative accommodation for up to 24 months while the work on your property is undertaken.

Supplier failure on the grounds of discrimination – UK’s first insurance policy to protect against this!

Incredibly, in 2016 we still live in a world where a builder could come in to your home and refuse to build you a wall because he doesn’t feel comfortable working for you because you are LGBT. Or someone can decide to refuse to bake you a cake, offer you a B&B or do your tax return because you are LGBT.

In the UK, this is illegal under the Equality Act.

Thankfully, these are rare occurrences, but these situations do still happen, as we have seen in the press. What do you do?

Emerald Life’s Home Insurance offers an optional Legal Expense Cover and is the UK’s first to include cover in the case of discrimination by a supplier on the grounds of sexuality. This means, if anybody, anywhere in the UK, refuses to supply you with goods or services because of your sexuality or for any reason covered by the Equalities Act we may cover the costs for you to bring a claim against them in the courts.

Legal Expense Cover also includes protection against social media defamation and unfair or constructive dismissal. With Emerald Life you can insure so much more than your possessions when you buy our Home & Contents cover! It’s part of our commitment to the community to offer protection when it is needed most.

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IT failure and catastrophic loss of digital data – Brits spend £3.5bn on digital formats across music, video and games – does your current insurance provider cover them?

We live online these days – just look where you are reading this. The average person spends 490 minutes per day consuming media online. It could be checking your emails, chatting to somebody on Grindr, gaming, watching YouTube or scanning the headlines. It could even be getting a quote for a decent home & contents insurance policy.

Most of us make digital purchases, too. Today, even a collection of DVDs seems odd, let alone a large record or VHS collection. But do you protect intangible digital items the same way you used to protect your DVDs or records? Given what we’ve have spent on them, we really should!

Emerald Life’s home & contents insurance can protect your digital property. Irrecoverable online losses are covered up to £5,000. Learn more here and get a quote.

Memorabilia cover – if your limited edition Kylie Minogue bottle of Evian mineral water means something to you, it means something to us, too!

We all have memorabilia and keepsakes that mean a lot to us. It could be a collection of limited edition Doctor Who magazines, tickets from all the Beyoncé and Britney gigs you have been to over the years, or any other keepsakes, memorabilia you have treasured over the many house moves and years. We all have our quirks…

With Emerald Life home & contents insurance, memorabilia is specifically covered and doesn’t need to be listed with us. So if the unthinkable occurs and you lose whatever it is that matters to you, these items can be replaced, like-for-like, up to the the contents limit of cover.

And it doesn’t have to be an incident in the home! Did you know 1,700 people every day in the UK are victims of pickpocketing?

It’s alarming isn’t it? If you are somebody who hasn’t been the victim of pickpocketing, you are extremely fortunate.

iPhones, iPads, wallets and even watches are taken from people, unknowingly, every day. It’s a coward’s game that unfortunately happens all too often in large cities across the UK.

With every Emerald Life Home & Contents insurance you have the option of protecting your valuable items away from the home. So if you are walking along Oxford Street and somebody steels your mobile device, it could be covered under your contents cover meaning you could have a replacement in a matter of days. It won’t make you feel 100% better, but it’s a start.

To get your free quote now, or to learn more about Emerald Life and the insurance policies we provide that have been tailored to the needs of the LGBT community, visit our site at EmeraldLife.co.uk or call our specialist call centre on 0330 113 7109.