How to Get Short Term House Insurance

Sometimes you may need short term house insurance such as when moving home or going through probate.

While both probate insurance and buildings insurance when moving home are fairly simple insurance products, these are instances when you may not want to insure for a full year. As such it might be useful to you to get a short term house insurance policy so you pay for no more than you need.

However it is also important that you are able to extend this policy if necessary – for instance if the property fails to sell in time. This should be simple for most insurers but be sure to check before you buy and ask about their minimum term length. Often you can also cancel halfway through a policy and receive a pro-rata refund, but again check with your insurer.

Both short term buildings insurance and short term contents insurance can also be part of unoccupied house insurance – again for probate or homes between tenants. This means you could get unoccupied house insurance for 3 months alone.

That means your insurer may have certain requirements such as regular inspections by yourself or a neighbour to check for things like leaks that could get worse over time.