If you only need short term house insurance then the question of how to get short term house insurance becomes important. At Emerald, we hope that we can get you to an acceptable solution. You can always get a quote from our main home insurance page.

There are a number of situations that may mean you need short term house insurance, and then the question of how to get short term house insurance. You could be selling a property, awaiting probate, or maybe you are only at the property for a short term before it becomes unoccupied or let out – at which point it will need a different policy.

At Emerald Life our minimum policy term you can buy – for unoccupied property – is just three months. For standard home cover or for landlord or second home cover, Emerald can provide a refundable 12 months policy.

That means, importantly, when you cancel your policy you should receive a pro-rata refund of all the remaining policy term that you haven’t used. This service costs just a small admin fee.

That means you could buy a 12 month policy and cancel when you no longer need it and receive a partial refund.

What If I Am Letting Out My Property?

If you only need short term house insurance then you may be considering renting out your property or leaving it unoccupied. Both these situtaions require a different form of cover than standard home insurance.

Landlord insurance takes account of the fact that you are not living in the property and instead have tenants.

Unoccupied house insurance goes further than that and provides cover for properties left empty. That can include situations like renovations and probate or when you are between tenants for more than 30 days.

Generally speaking, an unoccupied property poses more risk than a let property because of the higher chance of burglary, leaks and similar events. Therefore, you should make sure that you are clear with your insurer about how your property will be occupied over time.

At Emerald Life we are quite flexible about combining different types of policy as we are able to provide unoccupied and landlord insurance as well as standard home insurance. Therefore we will often provide the most suitable cover for the present time and then if a property changes (is let, sold or undergoing renovations) we can cancel the policy with a pro-rata refund and then set up a new policy for the new situation.

If you have a situation like this do feel free to email us to discuss your requirements.


One of the most common reasons for short term house insurance is probate, and one of the first questions is how to get short term house insurance. When someone dies it can take months to complete the legalities around their legacy. In that time their property is likely to be unoccupied.

The death of a someone you know is a stressful situation and the legal and financial matters following don’t help. But when you can you should inform their insurer about their death and find out if cover can continue.

Some insurers provide some unoccupied cover as a courtesy for the remainder of your current policy with them, but may then expect you to find specialist unoccupied house insurance at renewal.

Once the estate has been resolved you may then have more choices when it comes to what to do if you inherit the property.

The most common choices are letting it out and selling it. Both of these are likely to require short term insurance while you decide and make the necessary preparations. However even in this case, because the timeframe is uncertain many people still opt for the 12-month policy as they can then receive a pro-rata refund. Over that period this is another way to answer the question how to get short term house insurance.

Pricing and Payments

Generally shorter policies tend to be more expensive than longer ones. Therefore you may wish to buy a longer policy and then cancel it when appropriate rather than buying a shorter policy and then extending it.

The downside of that is the higher upfront cost to you. We do get asked about monthly payment plans but these can be quite costly. We therefore request payment in full upfront so that we can pass on maximum value to you as our customer.

How Do I Change, Cancel or Extend My Policy?

Along with any other queries, feel free to email or call us to discuss making changes to a policy. We pride ourselves on being able to offer this personal service with more unusual situations and believe that sets us apart from the big insurer you may be used to from TV ads.


Sometimes you may need short term house insurance such as when moving home or going through probate.

While both probate insurance and buildings insurance when moving home are fairly simple insurance products, these are instances when you may not want to insure for a full year. As such it might be useful to you to get a short term house insurance policy so you pay for no more than you need.

However it is also important that you are able to extend this policy if necessary – for instance if the property fails to sell in time. This should be simple for most insurers but be sure to check before you buy and ask about their minimum term length. Often you can also cancel halfway through a policy and receive a pro-rata refund, but again check with your insurer.

Both short term buildings insurance and short term contents insurance can also be part of unoccupied house insurance – again for probate or homes between tenants. This means you could get unoccupied house insurance for 3 months alone.

That means your insurer may have certain requirements such as regular inspections by yourself or a neighbour to check for things like leaks that could get worse over time.

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