Owning a gaming PC is a wonderful thing – the total library of games at your disposal, as well as great visuals, flawless frames, and ample processing power, make for a gaming experience that is hard to match.

One of the catches with high-end gaming rigs is that they are expensive – and the last thing most people want to do once they have built a four-figure gaming system is to commit to a monthly expense on insurance at the end of the process. After all, it’s very easy to believe that there’s no reason anything should go wrong with your PC if it’s never happened to any of your previous devices before.

However, with such expensive costs involved with getting hold of your gaming computer, plus the fact that it is a very valuable and desirable item, it may be worth considering that small extra payment every month for the security that your PC is safe no matter the situation. Read on to find out why PC insurance could be a vital purchase.

Accidents can always happen

Whether a person is accident-prone or not, there is always the possibility that either a spillage of liquid, a dropping incident while moving, or a problem with an accessory will cause your PC to no longer be operable.

While there are ways to minimize the risk, such as banning food and drink at your desk, ensuring all accessories are surge protected, and securely tying down your PC before moving it, these may not be things you want or are able to do.

Thankfully, computer insurance will cover all of these situations, up to a policy limit – meaning you won’t have to pay out the potential four-figure sum to have your PC returned to a working condition.

Gaming PC parts are expensive

If you’ve just completed the purchase of a new gaming PC, you likely don’t need anyone to tell you just how expensive they can be. While old parts are available for cheap, in order to run the latest releases, at least mid-range specs are required – which could still put the total cost in the four-figure range.

Even PCs that are built for reliability, such as AMD Computers for Business, aren’t completely infallible. While gaming PC parts are usually reliable in that they last for a number of years, they are not infallible either and could potentially stop working – and with so many individual components, it’s not necessarily possible to enact preventative measures. Without insurance, this could come at a hefty cost.

Protect against thievery

One aspect of owning a valuable gaming PC is the prospect that your worst nightmares become a reality, and the PC is stolen.

While this is certainly a rare occurrence, it is something that one has little to no control over – unless they are lucky enough to live on a premises with high levels of security, and even then, if someone is determined to take it, they will.

With damages caused by accidents or faulty parts, there is always a way to recover the computer, even if it is at a cost – however, without insurance, there is no way to return a thieved computer.