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Emerald Life awards free wedding insurance to gay police officers who got engaged at Pride in London

Two police officers who became engaged in front of thousands of onlookers at last weekend’s Pride in London parade have been awarded free wedding insurance by LGBT specialist insurance provider Emerald Life.

With around one in 20 getting married, moving in with their partner or starting a relationship – not to mention becoming parents – Emerald Life has introduced comprehensive wedding insurance for the LGBT community. It covers all the essentials and has additional features, such as legal expenses cover in the UK if any supplier objects to someone’s sexuality and denies them service either before or on the big day.

Emerald Life celebrates the real plans and milestones of real people from the community, those that are true everyday role models. This is also why real people rather than models or stock images feature in Emerald’s marketing campaigns. When XX proposed to XX during Pride in London, it was a special moment shared by thousands of people across London, and across the LGBT community. The wedding cover offered will help ensure their big days goes as smoothly as possible.

The Met Police tweeted an image of the moment, which has since been shared on the internet thousands of times.

Steve Wardlaw, Chairman of Emerald Life – the UK’s first full service LGBT insurance provider – spotted the image, and decided to reach out to the police officers, offering them the complimentary wedding insurance ahead of their big day.

Wardlaw said: PC — and PC Coughlan both serve our capital in their duties as police officers. They keep us safe. On top of this, they provided the community so much happiness by sharing their special moment with the world on Saturday during the parade. I couldn’t not reach out to them and offer this simple gesture.

PC Coughlan said:

Emerald Life launched in March 2016 and offers life, home & contents, pet, travel and wedding insurance, all designed and tailored for the LGBT community.

Recent research by Emerald and YouGov found that LGBT people were almost twice as likely not to hold any form of general insurance.

The newly engaged couple intend to wait a little while before tying the knot to plan the day appropriately.

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