Choosing A UK Staycation

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Cheap holidays in the UK are a favourite for many people who prefer UK breaks to the expense of travelling abroad. There are plenty of places to go in the UK for a great staycation. A weaker pound has made UK holidays all the more appealing while Brexit uncertainty continues to affect the European travel market.

What Is A UK Staycation

What is a staycation? Oxford Living Dictionaries calls this trend a holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

Do I Need Travel Insurance For The UK?

While UK staycations may seem to carry less risks than travelling abroad, travel insurance is still an important consideration to cover cancellation and your personal possessions. Holiday flats and country cottages can still be broken into so policies like our gadget insurance cover can make sure you have peace of mind for those country walks, Scottish lochs and Cotswold towns.

Top UK Staycation Destinations

New research by Trainline has discovered that the traditional British coastal towns of Southend-on-Sea, Margate, Scarborough and St Ives saw a spike in popularity in 2018.

Bookings to Southend-on-Sea in Essex have seen the biggest growth for July and August this year, with an increase of 210% compared to the same period in 2016.

The hot summer saw train bookings to Kent’s Margate increase by 164 per cent, while St Ives in Cornwall and Scarborough in Yorkshire have seen a rise of 79 per cent and 76 per cent respectively.

However the top 10 most popular UK destinations this summer were inland towns and cities. Birmingham saw a 163% rise, visits to Manchester a 141% increase while Wigan had a 113 % rise and Scunthorpe 106%.