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Coronavirus travel insurance is a confusing and complex issue. While many consumers found themselves with cancelled flights and hotels in Spring 2020 many insurers turned down claims on the basis of various exclusions – such as a known event clause or acts of God.

But as the new normal pushes on with the travel industry working hard to reopen, the question of travel insurance and Covid-19 is big. Lots of insurers are trying to work out how to cover customers. Here at Emerald, we hope that we have found a fair solution for our existing and our new customers when it comes to coronavirus travel insurance

If you have booked a holiday abroad, what is the insurance view on how likely you are to have to claim? What is the resulting premium, if you can even get cover at all? When you look at how you might be affected by coronavirus travel insurance becomes very important

At Emerald Life, our travel insurance now covers a number of Covid-19 related events. Get a quote online now and see our FAQs and Policy Wording for further details.

Contracting Covid-19 Before You Travel

If you fall ill with Covid-19 within 14 days of the start of your trip and receive a positive test result then you are able to claim, providing you did not have symptoms when you arranged the holiday and insurance.

While You Are Away

In terms of falling ill when you are away Covid-19 is treated the same as another illness. In other words, if you require medical treatment or have to be returned home then this is covered. Covid-19 is not excluded as an illness. That also includes appropriate extra costs – such as if you had to change your travel plans as a result of the diagnosis.

Refused Boarding via Temperature Check

What’s more is we also have some generous cover if you are refused boarding due to a temperature check. You must have wondered with many travel providers taking temperature checks what happens if you are turned away at the gate.

Given the existing stress of preparing for a trip and getting to the airport amidst a pandemic, having this unforeseen event covered could be a huge relief to improve your holiday.

But what if your hotel closes due to an outbreak? This is a bit more complicated, but there is cover there if you have checked in and are then forced to leave. If you have not yet checked in yet then it is the responsibility of the travel company to help.

What Are The Exclusions?

Of course every insurance policy comes with exclusions and these are especially relevant with Coronavirus. When thinking of coronavirus travel insurance terms become very important.

It wouldn’t be fair to list the many benefits of our travel insurance for Coronavirus without highlighting some of the key exclusions.

Meanwhile you should always check your policy wording before buying any insurance policy. That is especially the case with Coronavirus travel insurance as while you may find travel insurance that covers Coronavirus in principle the actual details of that cover can vary significantly.


Unfortunately we do require a proven and valid diagnosis. There is no cover available for self-isolating as a precaution regardless of the cause even if it is medically advised. Coronavirus travel insurance will cover illness, but not protection while you are seeing if you are ill.


There is no cover for claims arising from any form of lockdown, travel bans, World Health Organisation guidance or similar. Naturally this also includes disinclination to travel – meaning you cannot claim if you choose not to travel.

There is also no cover for shielding and you are told not to travel.

How Else Can I Protect Myself?

Coronavirus has obviously had a huge impact across the world and it is fortunate that we can travel at all so soon after it struck.

That travel is obviously not without risks – but you can manage that risk if you are careful. Before travelling at all you should ask yourself about worst-case scenarios and work through them. How likely are they to happen and what would you do about them. If something happens to you related to coronavirus travel insurance can help but think of other options as well

Some 160,000 British tourists were affected when the UK introduced a 14-day quarantine on arrivals from France on 14th August at short notice. The result was a scramble for flights and ferry tickets that was stressful and expensive for many.

What if I contract Covid-19 abroad? Am I somewhere I can get help if needed, stay longer if necessary and what financial arrangements do I need to handle that risk?

Am I able to get home quickly if the border closes? Am I able to self-isolate when I get home if I have to?

In terms of your finances it is important to keep asking questions. Talk to your travel providers before booking and find out what their policies are for different scenarios.

The travel industry is reopening and keen to have you back. But make sure they are willing to work with you to make you feel safe. Also, when considering Brexit and coronavirus travel insurance terms may well change once the United Kingdom exits the European Union, so bear in mind that in the future your travel insurance may differ.

It pays to be protected.

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