Eco-Friendly Travel Tips for 2020

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Sustainable travel is now big news as governments and individuals strive to protect the future of the planet. Stories about how much damage travel can cause seem to have led to increased awareness amongst the general population.

In 2019, completed a report which indicated that 72% of people travelling believe that individuals need to make better travel choices now, in order to protect the planet for future generations. However, 37% of respondents said they did not have enough knowledge to make these choices. If you feel you want to travel in a more environmentally friendly way, but believe that you do not have enough knowledge, here are some suggestions that should help to inspire you.

Avoid Travelling By Air

According to reports from the BBC and other reputable sources, air travel is more dangerous to the environment than any other form of travel. This means that you should not travel by plane if you want to be eco-friendly.

If taking a flight is the only viable option for you, it’s important to make as few journeys as possible. This means that direct flights are usually the best option.

It’s worthwhile considering all your options. For instance, travelling to mainland Europe by coach can lead to a 75% reduction in CO2 emissions when compared with flying. Travelling by coach is actually one of the greenest choices you can make when it comes to visiting other countries.

Walk When it’s Feasible to Do So

When shorter distances are involved, the best way to travel is to walk. After all, it’s possible to walk a mile in 15-20 minutes, at a moderate walking pace. The great thing about walking is that it’s not just good for the environment; it’s good for your health too. Walking can help you lose weight and can reduce the risk of problems such as heart disease and stroke.

Use Public Transport

If locations are too far away for you to walk to them, you should aim to use public transport. As research by the University of Utah shows, public transport produces less emissions than other forms of transport, such as private vehicles.  Many public transport systems are also making further improvements to their green rating, such as using hybrid buses.

Stay in Eco-friendly Accommodation

The rise in awareness of the damage that travel can do to the planet has led to an increase in the availability of eco-friendly accommodation. Owners and managers of this type of accommodation use water and power in a sustainable manner. They also make sure that the local environment is kept free from litter.

Staying in accommodation like this can make a real difference. You also get to enjoy your holiday more because you are so happy with your green accommodation choices.

Be Aware of your Carbon Footprint

You do not want to make a less than positive imprint on the places that you travel to. This is why you need to think carefully about your carbon footprint.

  • Take your own refillable shower gel and shampoo so that you reduce your use of plastic containers.
  • Carry refillable drinks bottles with you, so that you do not need to buy bottled water.
  • Make sure that you have eco-friendly bags with you so that you do not need to buy plastic ones.

Support Local Producers and Sellers

Wherever you travel to, there will normally be local produce sellers. They could be based in a store around the corner from your accommodation, or at a local farmers’ market. Their produce is grown locally so there is little transportation required to provide it to you. This makes it an eco-friendly option.

This is not the only benefit of supporting the sale of local produce. You also get to taste local fruit and vegetables that may have been in the ground just a couple of hours previously. Fresh produce like this is almost always more pleasant to eat. Shopping in local stores or markets also helps you to get to know what the local community is like and savour the real experience of the location.

There is no doubt that eco-friendly travel is important in helping to protect the planet. After all, CO2 emissions from forms of transport, especially planes, cause a lot of damage.

You may not think that you can do a lot about this. However, the truth is that every little change can make a difference. For this reason, you should start making eco-friendly travel choices as soon as possible.