Travel Insurance To Mexico From UK

Standard Cover

Enhanced Cover

Travel insurance for Mexico will give you peace of mind before you travel on that hot holiday you’ve been waiting for.

Popular resort destinations in Mexico include Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos Tulum, Oaxaca and Mazatlan are holiday favourites while nearly 60 million tourists flocked to Mexico in 2018.

With all the stress of packing and preparing you don’t want to worried about what happens if you are ill while you are away.

Do I Need Travel Insurance For Mexico?

There is no requirement to have travel insurance for Mexico but there are plenty of good reasons you should. Chief among them is if you are injured or taken ill in Mexico then the cost of medical treatment could be significant.

If you have to be returned home – or repatriated – then it is a long way to travel, especially if you are bed-bound and in need of medical equipment.

Then there are other smaller benefits of travel insurance like help if you miss your flight or it is delayed.

Travel Insurance For Mexico

Not all Mexico travel insurance policies are created equal. In fact, there are plenty that are designed to sell you a cheap product that doesn’t actually cover that much.

When looking for Mexico travel insurance look out for these important features:

  • Delay and missed departure cover – in case events out of your control (such as extreme weather) cause you to miss your plane.
  • Travel abandonment cover
  • Cover for lost and stolen baggage.
  • Cover for the loss or theft of your passport.
  • Personal liability cover.
  • Cover for medical expenses
  • Cover for your repatriation to the UK if needed
  • Cover for cancelling or curtailing your holiday in an emergency.

Is Mexico covered in worldwide insurance?

Yes. Most travel insurance policies offer European cover, Worldwide excluding the USA, and including the USA. Of course some insurers will vary so you should make sure you are getting the right travel insurance for Mexico when you apply.

The reason for this difference is the relative cost of medical bills wherever you travel.

European medical systems tend to be very similar. However, the USA stands out for its particularly expensive medical care. For that reason insurers have to charge more because the costs of claims in the US tends to be higher than most other places.

While this may vary between insurers, Mexico is typically regarded as being part of the USA for travel insurance purposes.

With Emerald Life travel insurance, our Mexico travel insurance does require you to select worldwide including the USA.

Cancun covid update

Cancun has now been put on the green list therefore lowering entry requirements an making it far more accessable for people staying in the UK. Now retail, hotels and historical sites are back open and are allowed up to 80% capacity. 

It will be much easier fot you to enter Mexico if you are fully vaccinated, just like other countries. Also for those worried about the safety of Cancun, you can rest assured as most of its population is currrently vaccinated.

For the first time since the pandemic begun bars and nightclubs will now be open in Cancun, if youve been waiting now is your chance!