One in Ten have Already Booked Summer Holiday

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As the winter air makes your morning just a little bit harder and you sense the Christmas chaos approaching like a beating drum, the last thing you probably wanted to hear was that some highly organised souls have already gone and booked their next summer holiday.

New research suggests these smug people make up about 10% of the population, taking advantage of booking early and securing cheap flights and hotel deals.

Europe Holidays Leading

Sainsbury’s Bank Travel Insurance calculates 5.6 million UK adults have already booked their summer break for next year. That is based on a poll of 2008 people, of whom just under half are off to Europe as their destination of choice. Staycations in the UK are the second most popular option, with a third (29%) of travellers planning a domestic break.

Other popular holiday destinations for 2019 include North America (8%), Asia (7%) and Australasia (5%). Almost half (45%) plan a beach holiday, while 26% prefer a city break and a tenth (13%) will take a cruise.

Not Buying Travel Insurance

However, while millions may book ahead they fail to make the important preparation of buying travel insurance.

While some book holidays 20 weeks in advance, the average traveller doesn’t book travel insurance until just three months before. 

Some 16% fail to take out travel insurance at all, leaving them exposed to a range of potential issues from travel disruptions to medical bills should they become ill abroad.

Waiting for a good deal or special offer was the reason a quarter (25%) of UK adults hold off buying travel insurance.

Buying Travel Insurance Online Is Easy

A further 14% claimed they did not have the time to purchase travel insurance. Here at EmeraldLife we try to make getting a travel insurance quote as quick and painless as possible. 

For instance, our travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions is kept very simple. When you take out your policy, we’ll ask you about pre-existing medical conditions. If you have one, we’ll ask you a few more questions about it and see if we can offer you cover. If we can, your premium may be increased, so we’ll offer you two prices – one with cover for the condition, and one without.

If you choose to have pre-existing medical condition cover, you will of course be covered for this while abroad – but you must let us know if your condition changes between taking out your policy and the start of your travels.