Romantic Spa Destinations For Valentine’s Day

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A weekend spa break is the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t matter too much where you go but just setting aside time to be with your partner without distractions can be a wonderful gesture. Plus, this is a gift you can enjoy yourself or even split the cost with your partner as a Valentine’s gift to each other!

When travelling together you may want to consider travel insurance even if you’re staying in the UK. Illness is an easy way to spoil a planned getaway while loss and theft of your personal possessions can fill a romantic time with anxiety.

A spa hotel is an ideal place to spend Valentine’s day with luxurious pools, steam rooms and saunas. Imagine pampering yourself after a hot steam with a smooth shave with an eco-friendly razor and a good book.

Top UK spa destinations include Bath, Harrogate, Buxton and Cheltenham. The Gainsborough Hotel in Bath resembles a sandstone bank building but inside the Georgian quadrangle has been dug out and replaced with a glass roof that looks down into a scene inspired by Bath’s Roman past.

If you fancy travelling to Europe for Valentines Day then Budapest is full of great traditional spas at low cost.

Kiraly is one of the oldest and most atmospheric Budapest spas with a great dome that lets in narrow shafts of light. The spa has only recently moved to allow women in so now anyone can enjoy the antique interior.

Fans of the Grand Budapest Hotel may enjoy the Gellert spa that fills the huge basement of the Gellert Hotel, complete with an outdoor array of pools and saunas. The interior is very early 20th Century, although be warned that as a popular tourist destination you may find your romantic getaway rather less peaceful.