Travel insurance for USA from the UK can be daunting. Flying to America is a big and expensive trip and when you get there you face the prospect of higher medical bills for any emergencies you encounter.

That is why travel insurance for the USA is generally more expensive because you are more likely to cost an insurer more in the event of a claim.

How Much Travel Insurance Do I Need For USA

Only you can decide if travel insurance is right for you, but do remember that if you don’t have it then you risk having to pay for any emergency bills yourself. As the US healthcare system is built around insurance you have probably already heard enough stories about the cost of medical care in the US for those without.

Travel insurance also comes with a wide range of benefits like cancellation cover if you are unable to travel and protection for your possessions. Emerald Life even provides gadget cover as well as an optional extra.

As to how much medical travel insurance for USA is needed, thankfully most good travel insurance policies will have several million pounds of medical cover included as standard.

With travel insurance the point is to make sure you are covered for all eventualities, rather than only allowing you a certain budget. Emerald Life travel insurance provides up to £5 million of medical expenses as standard.

How Much Is Travel Insurance For USA?

To find the best travel insurance for USA, be prepared to shop around and compare travel insurance quotes. Each travel insurance brand is likely to carry a different risk rating for the USA, meaning that their pricing may vary considerably.

As an example, Emerald Life travel insurance will cover a 22 year old travelling to the USA for five days for £31.87 (correct as of 18/12/19)

If you are making multiple trips to the USA then you may want to consider annual travel insurance as this is often cheaper than buying multiple single-trip travel insurance policies in the same year.

If you are travelling with family then a family travel insurance policy may work out cheaper for you. Emerald Life also provides cheaper policies for single-parent families as part of our continuing commitment to equality and diversity.

What About Pre-Existing Medical Conditions?

You must declare any pre-existing medical conditions when you apply for travel insurance. If you do not then you will not be covered for any expenses that condition causes.

Unfortunately medical conditions do increase the cost of cover quite regularly and sometimes even prevent you getting cover. However Emerald Life proudly covers thousands of medical conditions and many at no extra cost.